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   Chapter 282 Allen Has Taken A Crocodile As A Pet!

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Noah was clear about his ambition and he was determined not to lose both Carla and the Hua family fortune. He would try his best to get everything that he always wanted.

All that he needed to do at the moment was to convince Carla to accept Allen - her biological father.

He often complained about the unfairness of God but this time, God favored him.

He had to possess the property of the Hua Family and win Carla's heart while she still had a crush on him.

In the ward.

Carla considered for a long time and she provided herself with a solution that she thought was the best.

Since her biological parents already found her, why not just accept them?

They were the masters of the Hua Family who owned a lot of assets. She was their biological daughter so it was only natural that their wealth would go to her. Carla decided to just accept it all.

If her foster parents were still alive, she would have hesitated. However, she was all alone now. It was best for her to have some relatives.

She was now convinced. She let out a sigh of relief and finally decided.

Carla also thought that things became easier because she wasn't bothered by her former memories anymore. It would help her simplify a lot of matters and it would also make her feel more at ease.

That afternoon.

At Andrea's repeated requests, Carla finally agreed to visit her biological father in the ICU.

Because of her disability, Carla didn't go inside the ICU but watched Allen through the glass instead. He was currently under oxygen therapy with tubes in his nose.

Allen was feeling a bit better now. He was also watching Carla from the inside and he even waved at her.

Although he didn't raise her, just watching him with a gaunt face and graying hair made Carla shed tears.

She thought it was only natural for her to feel that way over a dying man. What made it worse was she was also his daughter.

Allen was satisfied to see that a healthy and happy Carla showed up in front of him. Although he couldn't say anything to her, there was still a content smile on his face.

When visiting time was over, Carla went out of the visiting area and back to her own ward.

While returning t

self calm anymore. He had gone through a lot of difficulties just to make the Hua Family succeed. He couldn't bear it if anyone would change its ownership.

Allen wheezed and watched Noah who was standing with his back from him. Allen was now regretting that he raised such an ungrateful person. He had taken a crocodile as a pet!

For many years, Noah performed like a filial and obedient son. He thought that he was like the son that he never had.

Allen thought that he was the most trustworthy son. However, it turned out that he left the most troublesome obstacle for Callie.

"Father, don't get worked up..." When he noticed that the instruments were suddenly ringing, Noah didn't get anxious. Then he said leisurely, "You'll find a solution, won't you?

What I want is your business. As long as you make some changes in your will, I would be satisfied. I will do nothing to betray you. What do you say?"

Noah flashed him a sinister smile and said, "Don't die now. You haven't finished your task yet. If you die now, the Hua Family will be split in two and no one would protect your business..."

Noah straightened up and walked out unhurriedly to call the doctor.

In his bed, Allen started wheezing while clenching his fists tightly. He then stared at the blue ceiling, unsettled.

When he didn't calm down gradually, the doctor came in and injected a tranquilizer.

When Noah came out of ICU, someone was waiting for him in the corridor.

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