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   Chapter 281 Her True Family

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'What is going on?' Carla thought to herself.

Andrea was staring at her with red sorrowful eyes. Everybody was in the room except for Bonnie.

Noah was standing by the window silently. He was looking into the distance with his arms crossed.

Two young men were also standing by the door, wearing serious looks.

"Auntie, what's wrong?"

Carla asked. She had no clue about what was happening at the moment. Why was everybody in her room?

"Callie, my dear!"

Andrea walked closer to her and suddenly grabbed her hand. Then she started to cry. "Your father, he's in the ICU. The doctor said that we should prepare for the... I don't know how to tell you this. The truth is..."

"Auntie, what do you mean by 'my father'? I... My father was already..."

Carla was totally confused. Her parents both died when she was young.

What was happening?

"Callie, I'm sorry. It's hard to explain everything right now but you're indeed my daughter. My biological daughter..."

Andrea was in tears. She was planning on waiting for a couple of days before telling her the truth but Allen's condition suddenly got worse. At dawn, he was rushed in the ICU.

She was completely at a loss. If she didn't take the chance to tell her now, there might be no chance to tell her about everything at all.

She was afraid that Allen would die with regrets.

"Carla, your original name is Camelia. You were called Callie. You're our only biological daughter. Because of a debt twenty three years ago, you were forced to leave us. From then on, every moment seemed like torture to us. I'm sorry."

Tears rushed down from Andrea's eyes. She couldn't bear to talk about what happened twenty years ago. Just being reminded of it would make her heart ache as if a knife was cutting through her with it.

"I know that it's not the good time to tell you all of these but I have no choice. Your father has only a few days left. His time is ticking. He's in the ICU now and he may pass away at any moment. I... am begging you..."

Then she suddenly knelt down on the floor in front of her and started crying.

"I know it's a lot for you to process but your father can't wait anymore. Callie, would you please forgive us and visit your father? Can you please call him Father for the last time?"

Confused, Carla glanced at Noah who was standing by the window. She wanted to turn to him for help. "Noah, what's happening? Can you please explain it to me?"

Noah turned and looked at her in the eye. He was wearing a look that was more serious than usual.

"Carla, what my mother said is true. You are their only biological da

s, heaved a deep breath and shifted her eyes away from him. "But... you want me to call the people whom I barely know as Mother and Father.

I just can't do it."

Noah held her hand and said, "Carla, no parent would want to be separated from their children. If they had a choice back then, they would never have left you.

Losing you already tortured them for over twenty years. That was already their punishment.

Carla, you're a considerate person. Please show some understanding and forgive them. And you should allow yourself to forgive them too...."

Noah lowered his eyes and frowned after speaking.

"The Hua Family accumulated a large sum of money. Being their only daughter, you would get all of those in the future. You can easily inherit all of those by just embracing your true family. Why not do that?"

Anybody would love to be that lucky, if possible.

Carla pieced everything together and suddenly realized. With squinting eyes, she said in an ironic tone, "Right, the Hua Family is rich, huh? It seems like it would be good for me to accept my new parents."

Noah didn't look at her. The Hua Family was popular in HA City and many people were after their wealth like starved wolves.

Noah was just one of them. All of the things that he had done was just to get the Hua Family's fortune.

Carla saw through him. It was not because he was softhearted but it was because of his true feelings. He thought that he could control himself but apparently he couldn't.

Anyway, he was Noah and he was capable of anything.

He wouldn't allow himself to fail. He would always come up with a new plan.

At that moment, he was determined to get the Hua Family's fortune.

He was also determined to get Carla's heart.

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