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   Chapter 280 I'm Not Your Ex-boyfriend!

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The man who suddenly kissed Carla was none other than Terence!

"Shh, don't yell. There's nobody in the restroom," Terence said.

Then he lifted Carla to his chest and then walked into the restroom.

There were usually a few people in that floor but he had arranged for Phyllis deliberately to tell the people that the restroom on that floor was under maintenance so that Terence could make sure that no one would bother him and Carla.

Carla refused him, "Thank you. But I don't need your help. Put me down, please. I can do this myself."

Carla calmed down gradually then she attempted to push his hands away from her. However, her actions were ignored by the man.

He opened one of the doors then he placed her back down. Then he held her waist with both his hands to help her stand stably.

Then he asked her, "Do you want to take your pants off yourself or do you want me to help you?"

His bold action made Carla a little embarrassed. In such a narrow space, she could only say, "Could you please go out first? I can take them off myself."

When she was finished with her words, Terence began undoing the buttons on her pants. She immediately tried to stop him but failed. He pushed her hand that was stopping him away.

"Carla, I'm not your ex-boyfriend! You are still my girlfriend before the accident," he said in a low voice. He didn't stop from helping her unbutton her pants and continued, "Our relationship allows us to do something more intimate than just helping you unbutton your pants!"

Terence said with a frown, "I originally wanted to wait for you until you remember me and our love yourself but I can't wait any longer!"

Then he kissed her pink lips and continued to say, "Listen to me. Noah is the culprit of your car accident. Don't be deceived by him.

Your younger brother Sean and I are waiting for you in JA City this whole time. I hope you will come back to us immediately after finding your family!"

Carla was shocked when she heard his words. What he said was too much for her to process so she became stunned for a while. Even if this man was hugging her and even kissed her, she didn't have the courage to refuse him. She just wanted to hear more about her identity before the accident.

"Carla, you are my woman. As long as I'm still here, I won't let any other man have you," Terence said in a hoarse voice. He gently touched her injured head. Then he remembered what her attending physician said. The doctor reassured Terence that she would recover soon.

Three or four days had already passed since she got into an accident and he realized that he was beginning to be anxious and impatient.

She just hurt her head an

happiness did not last a long time. He couldn't even enjoy it properly but its end was fast approaching.

While looking back on his whole life, he thought that the days when her heart belonged to him might be the happiest in his entire life.

That was why he wanted to cherish the rest time of being together with her before she completely regained her memory. He didn't want to miss even a second of when her heart beat for him.

Carla fell asleep in the middle of the night. A feeling of soreness and numbness in her leg was beginning to wake her up. However, she felt that someone suddenly started kneading it softly and it made the feeling of soreness disappear.

She lightly opened her eyes and saw Noah. He was only wearing a shirt and kneading her leg in concentration.

Although she was still half asleep, she could still feel his touch.

Her leg was not very comfortable so her sleep was always being disturbed. When she woke up at dawn, she found that he was still kneading her feet.

The past few days, her injured leg was getting a little swollen. The attending physician said that she should take more leg exercise.

"Noah..." Carla called him. She pulled his hand away from her to let him rest. Then she leaned on his shoulder and said, "You should sleep too."

"I'm not sleepy. You should sleep some more," Noah answered her. Then he hugged her shoulder and helped her adjust the blanket.

"No, you should sleep," Carla said while staring at him with sleepy eyes.

When he saw her sleepy and cute appearance, Noah smiled and kissed her forehead gently, "Okay, I'll sleep. Let's sleep together."

When the next day came, Carla touched the other side of the bed and found that Noah was not here. She opened her eyes in shock.

What...What happened?!

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