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   Chapter 279 Terence Is One Of A Kind

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8293

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Noah didn't expect that they would run into Phyllis there today. He should have checked the restaurant in advance to avoid the awkwardness.

"What?" Carla replied. However, at that moment she somehow felt a bit disappointed. She was expecting a sweet and pleasant dinner with Noah.

However, Noah was making her uncomfortable and it was kind of ruining the moment.

She didn't really know what was bothering her. She had some questions that needed answers.

"Noah, do all men have sex just for pleasure and not for love?"

When their dishes were served, Carla asked him before taking a mouthful of broccoli using her fork.

However, right before Noah could even answer her, Carla added hastily, "Please don't get me wrong, Noah. I didn't mean to judge you. I just didn't really understand what guys are usually thinking when they do things like that with women."

Noah paused for a while. He knew that even though Carla looked calm, she was actually a little mad at him because of the things between Phyllis and him.

He took a deep breath.

Then he asked her directly, "Carla, are you disappointed in me? Are you mad at me?"

Carla took a bite of her steak. It tasted good and it was better than any steak she ever had. Then she replied with a smile, "No, Noah. I'm not your girlfriend.

If I were your girlfriend and you just had sex with another woman, I would have the right to be mad at you."

After speaking, she took a deep breath as if she was making some important decision to announce then she said, "Noah, I'm so sorry for bothering you these days."

Carla looked down and her eyes were full of guilt. All the days that she had been with him played before her eyes. She realized that she was too dependent on his kindness and she was bothering him all the time. All the things that he had done for her was way beyond a friend's responsibility.

When he heard what she said, Noah momentarily paused. He frowned slightly while looking at her guilty face.

"I am really sorry but I am also very thankful. Noah, I know that I was kind of needy these days. Please just consider me as a patient that needed some care. I really do appreciate your kindness."

"Carla, what do you mean exactly?" Noah asked her while he was placing his knife and fork down on the table.

At that exact moment, Phyllis walked through a corridor and stopped at the end.

Terence and Rainer were there and they were waiting for her.

"Sir, I've already done my job. Ca

say 'Thank you', but Noah stopped her. "Oh, Carla. You don't have to say 'Thank you' every time. It's always my pleasure to do this for you. After all, I was the reason why you have to go through this. It is my responsibility to take good care of you." Carla gave him a smile and kept silent.

Several minutes passed.

Carla felt the need to go to the washroom so she grabbed her crutch and stood up. Even though she got exclusive nurses in the hospital to take care of her, she was used to going to bathroom by herself only with the help of the crutch. She didn't want to bother anyone.

"Oh, Carla. Let me help you," Noah said and stood up. Carla declined his offer and said, "Oh, it's okay. I can do it by myself. The washroom is not far from here so you don't have to worry about me, Noah."

Noah nodded at her. He saw that she could move around the inpatient ward by herself these days. That is why he didn't insist on helping her again.

Carla then went to the washroom with her crutch.

However, Carla got a weird feeling that there was someone who was watching her from behind all the way.

But when she looked back, she saw nobody.

It took Carla a lot of effort to make it to the washroom. She stopped at one of the stalls and put aside her crutch so she could unbutton her pants.

However, someone suddenly hugged her and lifted her up. She was startled and before she could even shout for help, her mouth was kissed by a man.

Carla could do nothing but widen her eyes in shock. She stared at the man who was kissing her.

He held her tightly in his arms. But his kiss... His kiss was so gentle that she almost melted.

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