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   Chapter 278 Gangnam Building

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Terence stood there while he took off his boxing gloves and threw them on the floor. He lifted the rails and exited the ring.

He took the water bottle the waiter handed to him and took a big gulp. He emptied the rest on his head and splashed to his neck and chest to cool himself down.

He wiped his face and glanced at the two brothers in the ring. Terence threw the empty bottle in the garbage, without removing his eyes on the two men, and shouted, "Well, are you leaving or not?"

That night, Carla took off her hospital gown and changed into her regular clothes. She used a wide headband to cover the bandage on her head.

Noah arrived just then with Carla's coat in his hand. He wrapped the coat around Carla and carried her off the bed to the car.

He sat with Carla in the backseat of the car.

They were in a luxurious and very spacious car so Carla had the space to put her feet up on the empty seat in front of her. She adjusted herself to a comfortable position and took out her phone to play games.

"Hey, watch out, your feet." Noah pointed to Carla's feet. He leaned over to the driver and instructed him to drive carefully. Bad roads were coming up ahead.

They were driving up the mountain and it was going to be a long ride.

Carla had fallen asleep while playing with her phone and she enjoyed a good sleep even before they arrived.

When she woke up, she found herself wrapped around Noah's arms.

"Have we arrived?" she asked.

Noah lifted her off her seat and out of the car.

When she got out of the car, Carla was greeted by a beautiful sight. The whole mountain was dotted with flickering illuminations. She could hear the rhythmic babbling of the brook nearby. And an antique cinereous structure stood tall on the mountain.

It was already night time but they could still see the entire view in front of them as if it were day time.

In front of the cinereous house, a plaque sat in the middle. It read "Gangnam Building."

Everything they could see in front of them matched the name.

Carla looked around the place and discovered lots of rare luxury cars in the parking spaces. This must be a very expensive place.

Noah took her inside, with his arms wrapped around her shou

g to let go.

"Alright, fine. Order whatever you want." Phyllis unlocked her arms and Noah exhaled a sigh of relief. He turned to Carla, who had a frown on her face.

"Thank you, darling. Call me, okay?" Phyllis teased. She poked his chest with her finger and winked before she left.

Noah had to pause and think about what he was going to tell Carla. If it had been Julie next to him, he wouldn't need to explain.

But this was Carla. She was different.

"Carla," Noah called out. She wasn't happy.

Carla had her eyes straight ahead, away from Noah's. She hadn't realized Phyllis had left until Noah called out her name. Without moving her head, she asked, "Do you have many girlfriends, Noah?"

Noah didn't know what to say.

"No, I haven't," he finally said.

Many women surrounded Noah all the time. But they were never his girlfriends. They were only there for the sex. It was never a relationship. Noah and these women knew what they needed from each other.

They meant nothing to him.

"Carla, I'm a man, a catch. And I have to sometimes find something to amuse me when the need arises. And yes, I've dated a lot of women. But none of them are my girlfriends."

Carla didn't respond.

She remembered a memory, a man, and how this man said something very similar to her.

Was her memory coming back? But something was blocking it. Something prevented her from seeing the whole truth.


Noah called out her name but she was deep in thought.

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