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   Chapter 277 Why Must It Be Miss Carla (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6287

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"Come on, Noah. I just need a change of pace or something. I'll feel much better if I can go outside. My leg is already improving and strong enough to go for a walk. I would just really, really love to have dinner outside. Please, Noah? Can you do that for me?"

With her arms hooked onto his arm, Carla looked at him, seeming as though she was pleading with her eyes, trying to urge him to take her somewhere else.

She almost had Noah convinced, but he was able to resist it. Left with no other options, Carla had to bring out the ace up her sleeve. Forcing a cough to clear her throat, she told him with an alluring voice, "Noah... Noah? Pretty please... Just this once, please take me out."

Staying in the ward for so long felt extremely suffocating for her. For that reason, she desperately wanted to get out of the hospital no matter what just to breathe some fresh air and have a change of scenery.

Noah had been caught completely off guard. The sound of her voice was like music to his ears, and it was enough to ignite his passion.

"So, Noah, would it be alright if I take your silence as a yes? It's all settled then! And let me just remind you that you can't go back on your word. Let's make a pinky promise to set it in stone,"

Carla remarked, smiling from ear to ear. Then, as he was still inside a trance, she grabbed his hand and made a pinky swear.

If he was completely being honest, Noah used to think that after coming across a number of attractive women, he was already capable of holding back his urges when it came to pretty faces. Being a simple man, however, as he peered into the eyes of the girl holding his hand, it was quite apparent that he had lost this battle with love entirely.

The second Carla called his name to him felt so endearing, making him feel like he would be willing to offer his heart to her.

"Okay, okay. You win. I'

live in! There are countless women who would be so eager to give Mr. Terence everything that they've got! The second we arrive in JA City, I'm going to find the finest women there for him to get his mind off things. Soon enough, Mr. Terence is going to realize that when it comes to women, he should keep her if she's appropriate, but replace her in the event that she's not. What reason would there be to be under so much pain just like what's happening right now?" Nathan insisted.

"Nathan, do you hear what you're saying? How can you easily say hurtful things like that?"

Rainer told Nathan, starting to fume with rage, as he got up from the floor and pointed a finger toward him.

"Hmph! You may not like the way it sounds. But you should realize that I'm just telling the truth. What is the point of being so deep in love? Sure it may mean the world to someone if you care about it, but you disregard it, then it would mean nothing!" Nathan protested.

"How can you say such terrible things?" Rainer asked, visibly quite irritated.

Then, he approached Nathan upon saying that.

The two of them began arguing due to the fact that they had utterly different opinions on what love should be as well as the things happening around them.

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