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   Chapter 274 Will Carla Regain Her Memory Or Not (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5698

Updated: 2019-08-05 19:04

Soon enough, Carla finished her bowl of soup. However, she still wanted more so she said to him, "I want another bowl of soup, please."

Noah prepared another bowl of soup for her and fed her again.

When Carla was finally full, she wiped her mouth with a paper towel then said, "Noah, I want to go out for a walk. Could you please find a wheelchair for me?"

Noah was actually a little worried to take her out of her ward because her leg was still recovering but when he saw her restless look, he decided to finally accompany her, "Okay, I'll find one for you."

After a little while, Noah finally came back with a wheelchair. He carefully helped her put down her injured leg that was hanging from the bed and positioned her properly in the wheelchair.

"The doctor said that your leg can't be put down for too long so we need to come back soon, Okay?" Noah said to her.

"Okay! I just want to go for a walk for just 10 minutes! Ten minutes outside this ward is enough for me!" Carla immediately answered. She really wanted to go out to get some fresh air because she had been lying on the bed for three days already and her body was getting stiff.

After all, she was born as an active and outgoing person so it was really a torture for her to stay in the same place for three consecutive days.

When they got out of the ward, they walked to the East Garden of the hospital and to the West Garden. Then they walked along the corridor of the hospital for some time. Carla was not willing to go back to her room until she was satisfied that they already circled the whole hospital.

Noah kept on persuading her to return to her room and after some time, she finally relented and agreed to co

oah, you're really charming. I have seen a lot of the nurses stare at you with admiring eyes."

"They're just some immature women who admire me for my money. Let's not talk about this anymore. Just drink your medicine first," Noah said softly while filling her cup with water.

Carla took the medicine and drank two sips of water from it, "Do you like mature women?"

Carla was trying to guess if the reason why Noah didn't like her was because she was not his style.

"No. Don't think too much of it. Just take a rest, okay?" Noah said then he looked at the time, "I still have something to deal with so I'll come back again later in the evening."

When he finished talking, Noah poured a glass of water and placed it on table next to her bed so she could drink it if she got thirsty. When he finally stood up to leave, Carla grabbed his hand.

Carla pulled him closer to her then asked, "Noah, why don't you like me?"

Noah's back stiffened immediately. He had no courage to turn around and look at her.

He slowly closed his eyes and thought to himself, 'It's not that I don't like you, it's that you don't like me.'

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