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   Chapter 273 Terence Is Heartbroken

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10016

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Inside the ward

Carla was playing games using her mobile phone when it suddenly rang.

She hesitated to answer the phone because she could not recognize the phone number that was flashing on the screen. She didn't have an idea of who was calling her. However, she finally decided to answer the phone after a few minutes.

Carla was feeling really bored because she was staying at the hospital for a few days now without much people to talk to. She was so desperate for a conversation with another human being that she was even willing to talk to anyone even if they were only salesmen.

"Hello, who is this?" she asked.

There was no answer at first but after a while, Carla finally heard the angry voice of Johnny.

"Carla, you're so forgetful! Why do you always ask for my name every time I call you? Can you please just save my number?"

Carla was stunned to hear that the one over the phone lost his temper.

"Well then, please tell me your name so that I can save it right away!" Carla said. She pressed the hand-free button on her phone and then opened her address book to save his number. She waited for a while but Johnny didn't reply to her.

"Why are you not saying anything? I'm waiting for your reply so that I could finally save your number in my phone. What's your name?" Carla's fingers were already hovering above the keys to type his name but Johnny remained silent.

Beep, beep...

Johnny hung up the phone.

Carla froze and thought, 'Was he really that angry?'.

'But it wasn't my fault. I really couldn't remember his name, ' she comforted herself.

At that moment, Johnny was at a bar. He frowned and then picked up the bottle of beer that was in front of him to take a swig.

'Terence is back. He was not killed in the accident!

Carla must be with him now.

What should I do?' he thought to himself.

With a wry smile, he decided to just drink several bottles of beer one after the other. When he was finally satisfied, he wiped his mouth using the back of his hand and fell asleep on the table.

It seemed that Johnny was really no match for Terence in every way. Even the girl that he liked became Terence's girlfriend.

If he had known that this would happen to him, he would never have gone to the horse ranch that day. To be honest, he would rather prefer that he never met Carla at all.

If he had not met her, he would not have suffered so much all these time!

When Johnny hung up on her, Carla placed her phone down with a heavy sigh.

She was still depressed. 'Yes, I can't remember anything from the past but what about my friends? Have they forgotten all about me?

I've been in this hospital for three days already but none of my friends came to see me. Was I really so unpopular with people?

Don't they want to chat with me? Don't they want to know how I was doing?' she thought to herself.

Carla was fidgeting with a lock of her hair that was dangling on her forehead when she saw the man whom she was very famil

e. He just stood there for a few minutes, dumbfounded. While still looking at the door that was still shaking after Terence, he shouted, "Mr. An…" but no one answered him.

"I meant that it was possible but it was not definite..." he added.

Back in the ward

Carla was killing time by eating snacks. When she saw Noah enter the ward, the sadness suddenly vanished from her face. She said happily to him, "Noah, you've come back!"

Noah came over to her and gave her some more food. When he saw that she was eating potato chips, he said, "Don't eat things like that! They're not nutritious. After all, you're recovering now. I asked my cook to make you some delicious soup. It's good for your brain.

Bonnie won't be coming so you can finally relax."

Noah placed her favorite dessert and the soup on the table near her.

Carla nodded. 'I'm relieved that she's not coming. I can't even get out of bed right now, let alone deal with her. If Noah's crazy sister frequently visits me just to bully me, I'm afraid that it would drive me mad!' she thought.

"I want you to feed me..."

Carla said to Noah with a grin when she saw that he was coming to her with a bowl of soup in his hands.

Noah hesitated for a few seconds while looking down at the Lotus Pork Soup that was still steaming. After stirring the soup with a spoon, he moved a chair close to her and sat down. Then he took a spoonful of soup and blew on it gently.

Carla took a sip of the hot and delicious soup while staring at him intently.

With a faint smile, Noah pretended that he did not see her soulful eyes.

He couldn't tell whether he was sad or happy.

It seemed that God was always just to everyone.

Noah personally plotted everything and now, he fell into his own trap.

The more Carla depended on him, the more he loved her deeply.

Noah found it difficult to control his feelings around her.

He wondered if he would come back to his senses when she finally regained all of her memories.

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