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   Chapter 272 Callie Hua

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10538

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For the past two days, Carla had been lying still on the bed. Her leg was still in a cast, hanging from the ceiling. In all honesty, she felt dull and suffocated.

The only good thing about the rest and treatment that she had been receiving was that she was feeling much better. The pain in her head had subsided and she had managed not to think about any bothersome matters.

Though she was physically getting better, she felt somewhat helpless because she needed to stay on the bed all day. She was eager to get up and walk around but she wasn't allowed to do so. Besides, it was not like she could.

To distract her mind, Noah filled the cabinet in the ward with books that she could read and games that she could play on the television set. However, she couldn't concentrate on one book for a long time

because sitting for too long also gave her pain.

That day, while she was sitting idly on the bed, she suddenly heard a gruff voice from outside of her ward.

"I was wondering why my brother kept on going to this floor. Now I see that it's all because of you," a young pretty woman sharply told her as soon as she opened the door to the ward.

Bonnie was about to visit her father upstairs when she found out that Noah had been visiting this ward frequently. She was curious so she followed him to check it out.

What she didn't expect was to find Carla in there.

"Your brother?" Carla asked, obviously unaware of what Bonnie was talking about.

Carla observed the woman in front of her from head to toe, trying so hard to remember who she was. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't remember her at all. All Carla knew was that this woman was familiar.

With her head held high and her high heels clacking the hospital floor, Bonnie approached Carla. When she saw Carla's leg in a cast, she burst into a chain of derisive laughter. "Whoops! You really got hurt this time. Ah? How about your head? Did you hit it? Is it all right?" Bonnie mocked her while she laughed loudly.

Then she continued, "How many is this? Can you even count with your brain right now?"

She waved her fingers in front of Carla's face.

Although Carla couldn't remember her, she decided then and there that this woman must be an enemy.

So Carla adjusted her posture. She then raised the corner of her lips and retorted, "Don't worry. I'm perfectly fine."

Bonnie eyed Carla and she realized that she was fixed on the bed and couldn't move. Then she smirked and stated, "Your quick tongue can't help you now. Look at yourself. Do you think you can win over me this time?"

With that, Bonnie took a cup of water and held it near Carla's bed. Then, she shook it violently and the water spilled on Carla's hospital gown.

"What are you doing?"

Carla cried, scowling at the crazy woman.

"What am I doing? Can't you see it?" Bonnie pressed on her words. Then, she poured the remaining water in the cup on Carla's face. "I'm giving you what you deserve, bitch! How do you have the nerve to stay in HA City?" Bonnie screamed at her. Carla could see the rage in her eyes as if she was really mad at her. Then, Bonnie continued, "What

ds that warranted the father and daughter kinship came into his eyes, tears streamed down his face.

Gasping, he turned to Andrea and asked, "Where is she? Help me up. I want to see her right now!"

Andrea wiped away the tears on her face while she said, "Do you remember the time when Noah was hospitalized a few months back? Remember the girl that was with Bonnie in the hospital?

Back then, I felt that she looked like me when I was young. My intuition was telling me that she might be our daughter. Later on, I sent people to find out more about her. The more I know her story and where she came from, the more I was certain that she was the one we had been looking for.

Noah told me that he had done some research and was convinced that Carla was our daughter Callie. That's why they were on their way here. Noah wanted us to meet her. Unfortunately, they got into an accident.

Thank goodness, it's not fatal and it also gave me a chance to prompt a DNA test."

Andrea had tears in her eyes while she narrated.

She then added, "Thank the heavens that her adoptive father gave her the name Carla. It sounds like Callie. Don't you think this is fate?"

At that moment, happiness filled their hearts. They felt delighted and excited to think that Carla Ji and Callie Hua was just the same person.

"Andrea, help me up. I want to see her right now. I want to see my daughter!" Allen urged again.

He couldn't allow himself to delay a minute. They lost her over twenty years ago. Now that she had shown up and was just lying in the room downstairs, he couldn't wait another second.

"Calm down, Allen. Callie hit her head in the accident and she couldn't remember anything right now. The doctor said that she needs some rest. She shouldn't have extreme emotions and stresses at the moment. So we have to wait for good,"

Andrea suggested, holding him back to the bed.

Hearing that, Allen nodded in disappointment. With a sharp exhale, he said, "You're right. We have to take it easy. She needs some time to take in the whole story. After all, it was our fault back then..."

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