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   Chapter 270 Temporary Affection (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5828

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Terence and Noah went to the rooftop of the hospital.

They didn't speak to each other on their way there. After a while, Terence broke the silence, "Noah, even if you planned this car crash accident perfectly and no one suspected you, you can't fool me. You deliberately approached Carla with a clear purpose from the start. I guess since then, you've already made plans. If you think that she would be useful to you, you will keep her alive. If not, she is the biggest hindrance for you."

When Noah didn't utter a single word, Terence continued, "You care about fame and fortune the most. You wouldn't let someone get in the way of that."

Terence's thin lips aroused into a slight sneer.

Even if Noah didn't respond, Terence was sure that his conclusions were right.

And he could prove that this so-called "car accident" was orchestrated by Noah.

After listening to everything that Terence had to say, Noah forced a smile. He originally thought he could deceive everyone and no one would suspect him. But a sensible person could easily guess what he wanted and how he planned to achieve it.

"Terence, let me promise you this. From now on, I, Noah Hua, will not do anything to hurt Carla!"

Noah looked at Terence and vowed to him.

He paused for a while, and then continued, "Right now, my father is in the hospital. My mother also came after finding out that Carla got into an accident. I think this is the best time to tell them Carla's real identity."

Terence responded, "Carla will return to the Hua Family sooner or later. It's just inevitable."

Terence slowly turned and looked at him, "But, I hope you know that Carla is not alone right now, I'm with her. No matter what happens, I will support her. So I hope

back right away."

He thought, 'HA City is not far from JA City. I can be there in an hour by plane. I can come back to see her after I settled the problem with Marcus.'

Meanwhile, Carla's hand was being held by Andrea. She turned to look at the tall figure by the door who just left.

The only thing she could remember then was Noah's figure before the accident. She could hardly remember why the accident happened and everything after that.

But the doctor said that as long as she had a good rest for the next few days, her brain would recover soon and then she would be able to naturally remember everything.

So Carla told herself that she couldn't be too eager and anxious right then.

But when she looked at the man who just left and his sad eyes, her heart couldn't help but feel an intense amount of grief.

After a while, she decided not to think about that man anymore. She thought, 'When my injury is healed, I'll remember who he is.'

"Auntie, where is Noah? Where did he go?" Carla asked. Noah was the only person she could remember. And right then, she had the urge to surround herself with familiar people so she could feel safe.

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