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   Chapter 269 Impaired Memory

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Noah gave a phone call to the Director of the hospital as soon as he got off the ambulance. He asked the Director to gather the top doctors of the different departments to attend to Carla.

All departments related to Carla's injuries such as Brain Surgery Department immediately responded to the call.

Of course, the first and most important thing was to make sure that she was alive!

Carla had just been sent to the emergency ward when Terence arrived at the hospital by plane.

When Terence saw Noah, he approached him immediately with heavy steps. Then, without a single word, he punched him in the face.

"You listen to me! If anything happened to her, I will make you and the whole Hua Family pay severely for what you have done today," Terence growled at Noah with great wrath.

Noah did not dodge his punch nor did he say anything. He knew he deserved it.

"Do you really think that I don't have any idea about your plan? You already knew that Carla is the only child of the Hua Family. She is the rightful heir of the Hua Family's businesses. So you tried to get rid of her, you selfish bastard!"

Terence shouted in anger. He looked at Noah as he laid bare his plot word by word.

Because of everything that happened that day, there was no need to cover up anything. Almost everybody knew about Noah's scheme except Carla who was still being treated in the emergency room.

Noah's silence infuriated Terence more so he grabbed Noah's collar and pushed him against a wall.

"Do not tell me that it was just an accident. I will be damned if I believe it for one second! If it was, then why is the person lying inside not you, but my girl? Tell me!"

Terence was so furious. Look at Noah, he was perfectly all right except some minor superficial wound. But what about his Carla? She was still lying there, unconscious. They didn't even know if she would survive or not.

Terence was filled with fury and he could not calm down at all. Had he known that Noah would be so cruel-hearted, he would not have let Carla go with him no matter what.

"Though you are unrelated by blood. She is your younger sister! How could you be so heartless to do that to your sister? You're a piece of shit, Noah!"

Terence cursed at him. After that, Terence loosened his hold on him and turned his head to the direction of the emergency room.

A couple of hours passed by when

the door of the emergency room was finally opened.

Terence immediately strode towards the doctor and asked, "What is her condition? Is everything all right? Is she still alive? Please tell me!"

"I'm sorry sir, but what is your relationship with the patient?" the doctor asked. The doctor was confused when she saw Noah and Terence waiting

e tell me."

Carla thought that his face was familiar but she could not remember his name.


She could only recall a couple of letters but the name just wouldn't come up to her for a while.

"Don't worry, Mr. Terence. Most patients will exhibit symptoms of memory impairment after an operation and some of them will return to normal within a few days. Do not push her to recall something at this moment. She needs a good rest.

Miss Carla still remembers a couple of letters from your name, which is enough to prove that you're still in her memory. So you can rest assured for now.

I've already checked up on her. There is little likelihood of amnesia. But she is likely to get her memory confused these days," the doctor informed Terence.

After hearing what the doctor said, Terence loosened her hand and turned to the doctor, "Doctor, could you please arrange the transfer documents? I'm going to take her back to JA City for further treatment."

"Terence, you can not take her away," Noah said as soon as Terence spoke his intentions.

"Why? She's my girlfriend and she's injured right now. I need to take care of her. Besides, you don't have the right to say anything about it!" Terence firmly told Noah with an ice-cold tone.

"If I entrust you to take care of her, are you going to give me her lifeless body when I come here next time?"

Terence spluttered. He lost control of his emotions once again. He thought that all of this would not end in a simple car accident. He could not let her stay in HA City alone. Who knew what was going to happen to her tomorrow?

Would Noah let her go that easily?

Their conversation bewildered Carla. She had no idea what they were talking about at all. Noah noticed that and told Terence, "Maybe we can continue talking about this outside."

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