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   Chapter 268 An Orchestrated Car Accident And Noah's Regrets

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7304

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Carla closed her eyes to rest once again. But in a blink of an eye, she heard tires screeching on the road. It instantly woke her senses. She immediately opened her eyes and saw a truck driving straight towards their car.

She involuntarily grabbed Noah's shirt, and screamed, "Noah, watch out!"

Being distracted for a second, Noah saw the truck driving towards them as planned so he turned the steering wheel to the right.

But the truck seemed to lose control. It was still going to hit the car.

In a moment of desperation, Noah turned the wheel sharply so the car crashed into a guardrail.

Because of the huge impact, the guardrail burst open and the car was suddenly out of control as it drove down the slope.

Carla was overwhelmed.

The airbag restraint system was supposed to open whenever the car was faced with a colossal collision. As to be expected, the safety airbag at Noah's side opened, but the one at Carla's side didn't.

Carla had no idea why her safety airbag didn't open, nor did she have time to think about it.

Seeing the car drop in the free fall, her first reaction was to turn round and hold Noah's head while she shouted, "Noah! You saved me before, so it's my turn to save you now!"

The car rolled down the slope to the low cliff underneath.

Every time the car turned over and crashed into the ground, Carla closed her eyes and protected Noah by holding his head tightly. Somehow, in the face of death, her thoughts were occupied with Sean.

Although Terence would be devastated to lose her, a lot of girls were lining up to marry him. However, she was Sean's only relative in the world!

At her last moments of consciousness, she was overwhelmed with the thought that there were still a lot of things she wanted to do.

All of a sudden, the car stopped rolling down.

Carla was lucky because two trees in the mountain stopped the car from moving downhill any further.

However, Noah was stunned.

He never expected that in the moment of life and death, Carla would rather protect him, even at the cost of her life.

"Carla? Carla! Wake up, Carla!"

Noah tried to wake her up. She was still holding onto him even if she

ospital in the city.

In the ambulance, Noah watched Carla as she lay on the bed, unconscious and bleeding. A lot of thoughts and emotions were flooding him.

He stroked her face which was really pale due to excessive loss of blood.


I'm sorry, Carla...

I'm sorry, sorry..."

Noah struggled to say. He was almost in tears. How could he forgive himself? How could he forgive his own selfishness?

Seeing what happened to Carla, he hated himself. He didn't know what to do anymore. All he knew was that there was an extreme feeling of regret eating him from the inside.

'Why did you do such a vicious thing? Why are you so heartless?

She's innocent! She didn't do anything wrong!' Noah blamed himself.

He had taken advantage of her for a long time and now she almost died at his hands.

'Noah, the Hua Family has raised you for so long. They gave you everything you needed, everything you wanted and more, but what did you do? Is this the way to repay them for their kindness?

Even though Carla is their biological daughter, and even though Carla is the greatest threat to your future endeavors, why would it matter?

You still have other ways to maintain your status and position. You didn't have to kill her!' Noah continued to condemn himself internally.

His heart was filled with regret. He felt ashamed that he couldn't even face himself.

Soon, the ambulance arrived at HA City's most prestigious hospital.

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