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   Chapter 267 To Kill Or Not To Kill

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9169

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Carla sat in the car, free of any suspicions on Noah.

What she didn't know was that Noah, who looked like he was driving peacefully had half a mind to kill her. The struggle in Noah's head was completely obscure to her.

She also didn't know that this short journey which she thought to be safe, concealed a great danger she couldn't have imagined.

The danger was specially arranged for her by Noah.

The airbag on the Hummer was specially handled, which was the reason why Noah came so late.

Noah planned for an "accident" to transpire and the moment it does happened, the airbag on Noah's side would pop up safely, but the one on Carla's side would fail to do so.

At that moment, Noah's mind was occupied by the thought that Carla could not meet the Hua Family since Terence was not dead.

Only when Carla was dead can he achieve his ultimate goal—be the legal heir of the Hua Family.

So he came up with a meticulous plan for Carla's death.

And Carla was completely oblivious about it.

She adjusted the stereo equipment in the car, chose her favorite songs and then enjoyed the music.

In fact, Terence had warned her to be careful of Noah before she went out that day.

But in her mind, Noah was the one who saved her life. She had since regarded him as an elder brother. So she didn't think to be mindful with him.

She hummed a familiar song and looked at Noah with a grin. She said, "Noah, I didn't expect you to also like these love songs!"

Carla's words interrupted Noah from his thoughts. He quickly responded with a smile, "If you like these songs, you can enjoy them. I think my subordinates downloaded them. I don't usually pay attention to the music."

"That's wonderful! Thank you," Carla answered. And then she saw her favorite yogurt, drinks and snacks in the back seat. She immediately took one and asked, "Can I drink this one?"

"Of course, it's for you," Noah answered without looking at her.

Carla took a mouthful of the yogurt and smiled contentedly. "Thank you, Noah!" She reached out and pulled at Noah's clothes lightly.

"It's really nice of you to prepare so many drinks and snacks for me!" she grinned.

Noah forced a small smile. In reality, his heart couldn't calm down at all.

Seeing Carla be so carefree and trusting with him, Noah felt extremely guilty.

If he thought deeper, he couldn't actually figure out how he felt about her now.

Back then, he originally had a clear purpose when he first approached her.

But the more he spent time with her, the stronger he was attracted to her. He started to be calm yet at the same time, thrilled whenever he was with her. The gradual change made him think of her from time to time. And even just the thought of her

n, her younger brother to take care of.

As an elder sister, she must be strong to protect Sean.

Soon enough, the car had already gone a long way.

Noah began to look at his watch more and more frequently. He kept paying attention to the incoming cars. Because according to his plan, the truck that he had arranged would come in about 10 minutes from then.

On the other side of the highway, there was a large slope. And under that was a low cliff which was not too high but would be lethal enough.

Noah thought that to be in the "accident" itself was the best way to get away from a crime.

Therefore, even if Andrea and Allen knew their daughter got into an accident in his car, they wouldn't blame him. Because he was also in the car and would also get injured. They would simply consider it as an unfortunate accident and not a crime.

Carla had been eating some snacks, completely oblivious of Noah's plans. After a long drive, she felt a little sleepy so she took a nap.

But she didn't dare to sleep too long because she wanted to help Noah navigate through the roads. After all, he had been driving for so long, and she was a little worried that he would be tired.

She didn't notice that Noah's forehead was beginning to sweat. At that moment, Noah saw a truck from far ahead. Its lights at the front blinked three times.

It was the secret signal that they had talked about.

Noah turned to look at Carla. She looked so innocent and angelic while she slept so soundly. In his eyes, she looked so cute like a baby squirrel.

At that moment, Noah felt more conflicted than ever before.

He couldn't do such a thing to Carla.

He was reluctant to hurt this woman who never did anything wrong, especially not to him. He didn't want her to disappear in this world.

But he had no other choice.

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