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   Chapter 266 Noah’s Anger

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After a pause, Terence replied, "That's... a possibility. But to be honest, it happened such a long time ago. It's just one of the many things that could have happened. No one knows what actually transpired back then."

Carla laughed with an incredulous look.

"How could that be? It's impossible. My blood type is the same as that of my parents. If someone says I'm not their biological daughter, they must be crazy!"

Terence held her hand and stated in a soothing tone, "Carla, there are so many people with the same blood type in the world. For now, don't think about it too much. It's useless to stress yourself over it. You'll know the truth when you go to HA City with Noah."

Then he continued in a more serious tone, "Nevertheless, I'm still going to warn you that you must be careful of Noah. He doesn't deserve your complete trust."

Looking at his particularly serious look, Carla nodded and said, "...Hmmm. Oh, I see."

Although she didn't know why Terence always told her not to completely trust Noah, she decided to do just as he said. As usual, she trusted him and thought that he had a point.

If she were being honest with herself, Carla knew that she didn't really know Noah very well.

Sometimes she felt that Noah was a dangerous person. However, whenever she was with him, she found him very gentle and considerate. In Carla's eyes, he was like her brother. She would always unconsciously disregard any negative impressions on him.

When late afternoon came, Carla took Sean back to the Seaview Villa.

As soon as they got back, Carla called Noah. Since she had ultimately decided to go to HA City the day after tomorrow, she thought of informing him about it.

The phone only rang twice before Noah picked it up. Carla then stated, "Noah, it's me, Carla. I just want to tell you that I'm all set to go to HA City with you on Wednesday. I happen to be free on that day!"

"Okay, it's settled then. We'll drive there since HA City is not that far from here. We can get there in just a few hours,"

Noah said, excitement apparent in his voice.

"By the way, I heard that... Terence had come back. Is it true?" he carefully asked.

"Yes! Of course, it's true! He did come back. I had been praying for his safety and now my wish finally came true!" Carla exclaimed. Her tone was a mix of happiness and relief.

Now that the news about Terence's return had already spread among so many people, there was no need for Carla to hide it from Noah.

"...Ah, is that so? Well, congratulations," Noah said. As they were talking on the phone, Carla couldn't comprehend his mood.

"Thank you, Noah. We're all settled for the trip, right? See you the day after tomorrow!" Carla said and then she hung up the phone.

After confirming the news from Carla, Noah gnashed his teeth in anger. If anyone were to see his face right then, they would surely be scared of him. Without saying another word, he violently threw his mobile phone at the wall.

"He really came back! How could he? He should have just died!"

Noah shouted with ragged breathes. Then he turned around

slightly husky voice.

He spent the past two days in agony. He barely even slept or ate.

"Oh, I see. But if you really have something to deal with, we can go there tomorrow instead..." Carla said hesitantly. Listening to his voice, she figured that there was something wrong.

After coughing a little to clear his throat, Noah stated, "No, that won't be necessary. I'm already on the road, I'll be there in a minute."

"That's all right, then. I've already come out of the villa. I'm just at the roadside!" Carla said, trying to look far ahead.

Ten minutes after she hung up, she finally saw Noah's black Hummer in the distance.

"Noah!" Carla greeted him while she waved from afar.

Soon the car was parked by the side of the road.

Carla got inside the car and took the passenger's seat. Then, she turned to Noah who didn't look very well. "Noah, what's wrong? You don't look well. Didn't you sleep well last night?

Why don't we go to the station and take a bus to HA City instead?

Driving when you're tired is not good for you."

With a gentle smile, Noah responded, "Don't worry about me. It doesn't matter. It only takes three or four hours to reach HA City. If I get tired on the road, I'll rest for a while."

"Oh, it's a pity that I can't drive. Otherwise, I'll be able to help you," Carla said regretfully. She suddenly felt guilty that she couldn't share his worries.

She should have learned to drive earlier, but she never had a chance to do that because she was always busy working and taking care of Sean. Moreover, she thought that she couldn't afford a car in her first few years on the job so she didn't think about it at all.

It was only that day that she realized how important it was to learn how to drive. So she decided to talk to Terence about it when she came back.

"Don't worry. It won't take so long to get there," Noah comforted her as he started the car. He tried to smile at her while he said, "Fasten your seat belt, Carla."

Carla did as she was told right away.

Soon enough, the car was on its way.

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