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   Chapter 263 Sean Visits Terence

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"Rainer, where is Terence? What is he doing?"

Carla asked when she noticed that there was a lot of people in every inch in the yard.

Rainer sighed with a smile, "He is busy with receiving guests. The An Family have a lot of close family members as well as extended ones. These people that you're seeing are just from JA City. The family members in other cities haven't come yet.

Mr. Terence is receiving some distinguished guests whom he has to entertain upstairs. As for the others, they are waiting in the yard and in the living room."

Nodding her head, Carla patted Sean on his shoulder.

She then stated, "Did you hear that, Sean? Terence is very busy right now. Let's visit him some other time."

But Sean didn't like what he heard. Looking up at the stairs with eager eyes, he begged Carla, "Carla, please take me upstairs. I just want to take a look at Terence and then we could leave. Just one glance, I promise, please!"

Hearing Sean's wishes, Rainer spoke before Carla could do so.

"Miss Carla, Mr. Terence is in the living room on the second floor. You can take Sean to have a look. There are so many guests in the East Yard so I think it's fine if you go there."

Upon hearing Rainer's suggestion, Sean took Carla's hand at once, squeezed it and exclaimed, "Carla, did you hear that? He said that it's fine so please take me upstairs, please, please."

Casting a quick look at the East Yard, Carla saw some kids who seemed like they came with their parents. The kids were playing by themselves without making any noise.

Although Rainer said it was fine, Terence was meeting some important and powerful men, so she didn't think it was proper to take Sean upstairs.

However, when she looked at the little boy who was staring at her full of hope, Carla had to give up.

"Fine, let's go. But you have to promise me that you will behave. You won't cheer and shout when we go upstairs. If Terence is busy, we won't interrupt him. You can just take a look from far away. Can you do that?"

When Sean obediently nodded, Carla took his hand as they made their way to the stairs.

Upon passing by the living room, Carla saw a lot of people waiting there. Some of whom were familiar because she often saw them on the news. However, all of them had to wait in the living room.

Holding Sean's hand tightly, Carla led their way upstairs.

But a girl who looked like she was younger by a few years than Carla stopped her. She then asked Carla, "Did the steward allow you to go upstairs? If not, I'm sorry you can't go there.

See, we're all waiting here right now."

The girl stood in front of

can't come home with you. So what do you say?" Terence said, sounding really apologetic.

Once he returned to his guests, there were many things for him to deal with. Receiving visitors was just a part of his job. What was more important was that he needed to deal with the upheaval of the Ans. Moreover, he had to go over every detail of the AJ Group's management which was in shambles during his absence.

"Fine, we're going to wait for you," Carla said with her hands around his waist. She then whispered, "You've been with me for a long time so I'll be alright. Go deal with your business without worrying about us."

"That's easy for you to say that but how can I not worry about you?" Terence whispered in her ear as he kissed her forehead. He added, "Every chance that I get, even if it were for just a second, I can't help but miss you. You know what, I'm poisoned by you and you're the only antidote."

Carla laughed a little louder than normal when she heard what Terence said. She looked up at him and stated, "What Mr. Terence said is so touching. Am I the legendary master of poison?"

Pinching her waist, Terence sighed and thought, 'This woman always ruins the mood with her jokes when I'm being serious.'

"Okay, I'm leaving," Terence said. But before he left, he turned to Sean and stated, "Sean, wait for me, okay?"

Removing his hands that were covering his face, Sean nodded his head vigorously.

When Terence left, Sean begged Carla to ask for another half a day's leave from school.

It seemed that the little boy made his decision to stay here for the whole day. He was satisfied to see Terence from far away but now that he spent a few minutes with the man, he wanted more.

Soon enough, it was time for lunch.

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