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   Chapter 262 The Missing Prince Came Back

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9683

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Carla got out of the car in haste and immediately ran towards the airport's arriving hall.

She reached the hall breathing heavily and found out that Edmund and Marcus were already there, waiting for Terence's arrival. They suddenly heard an announcement informing them that the plane that Terence was on got delayed for twenty minutes.

Carla quietly let out a huge sigh of relief. She didn't approach Edmund and Marcus and instead, hid behind a pillar and waited.

Soon enough, the twenty minutes passed by. Besides, it already cost her some time on the way to get there.

Finally, it was announced that the plane had landed.

After a few moments, Terence stepped out of the doors, followed by Nathan and Rainer. They looked pretty worn out and had some injuries on their face.

The moment she saw them, Carla tried her best to stop herself from laughing out loud.

They were really acting like they just almost died. Although what Nathan and Rainer looked like right then was not that exaggerated, Carla still found it hard to maintain a straight face. After all, she had just seen them a few hours ago. They definitely didn't look like that earlier. The contrast between then and now was very appalling to Carla!

She watched as they slowly made their way towards the arriving hall.

Terence was naturally born with good looks. Therefore, his impaired appearance at the moment didn't stop him from looking charming and attractive.

"Terence!" Edmund called out. As soon as he saw Terence, his furrowed eyebrows immediately loosened up.

He walked towards Terence as fast as he could since it had been two months since they last saw each other.

He had thought that Terence was already dead but there he was, breathing and alive. Edmund was extremely shocked but delighted at the same time.

"Father," Terence called out with his hoarse voice.

Edmund patted Terence on the shoulder and nodded his head. He looked so excited that he couldn't even utter any words at that moment.

Terence's eyes fell on Marcus who was standing not far away from where they stood. The astonishment on his face could be seen from a mile away.

Dumbfounded, Marcus couldn't believe what he was seeing so he rubbed his eyes repeatedly, not wanting to accept the reality that Terence was still alive.

For the past month, he was so sure that Terence was already dead. He repeatedly questioned in his head, 'Who is this man?'

There was no denying that Terence did survive the air crash and the jungle because he was standing there, right in from of him!

It was hard for Marcus to accept the reality in such a short period of time. He badly wanted to see Terence's corpse, not his breathing, standing, talking, alive body.

No words could express how surprised he was at that moment.

But he had no time to think about what was wrong with the corpse that he had seen back then.


n after a deep sigh.

She had already called Race earlier and found out that the An's Manor was full of people right then.

Therefore, there was a high possibility that Terence didn't have time to spare for Sean.

"No, Carla. I have to go! Even if I can only see him from a distance," Sean said full of stubbornness in his voice. It seemed that he had made up his mind and didn't have any plans of giving up.

Carla couldn't understand why Sean urgently wanted to see Terence because she stayed with Terence for the past weeks.

But for Sean, he had been away from Terence for over two months. He missed Terence so much and was desperate to see him with his own eyes as soon as he can.

Sean had been waiting for this day for too long. So, the moment he heard that Terence was back and alive, he couldn't hold back his desperation to see Terence any more. He really missed the man so much.

In the end, Carla failed to persuade Sean.

So she arranged a car and took him to the An's Manor eventually.

Just as she expected, the East Yard of An's Manor was crowded by then. A lot of expensive cars were parked all the way from the gate to the East Yard that it looked like there was a car party.

It was only understandable. The news of Terence's demise had widely spread in JA City. Therefore, it was easy for Carla to imagine how many persons would pay a visit to Terence that day.

A dozen bodyguards were standing in front of the entrance of the East Yard when they arrived. Everyone going inside needed to be identified first.

Once again, Carla thought that it was only necessary for them to check each visitor's identity or there would be too many people and they surely wouldn't want that. Only relatives and close friends were allowed to pay a visit today.

"Miss Carla! Sean! You're here," Rainer exclaimed.

He immediately recognized Carla from a distance and asked the bodyguards to let them in.

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