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   Chapter 261 Acting! Acting! Acting!

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Meanwhile, Terence was making preparations for his "resurrection".

Although the scars left in Terence's face and body had recovered a lot, they could still be seen if one looked closely.

So Carla just needed to make these scars more obvious to let others see that he had suffered a lot of pain.

"Carla, are you holding some sort of grudge against me? I did get injured but is it really necessary to put a lot of scars on my face?" Terence complained.

All he could do was watch the woman he loved using a brush to scribble on his face without any hesitation.

"Don't move!" Carla scolded him.

She then grabbed his chin with her hand to steady his head.

"I don't usually see you put on makeup. Why are you making such a big deal about this now?" he asked. To be honest, Terence was not confident with Carla's makeup skills so he asked her, feeling a little worried. When Carla was finally done, he stretched out his arm, took the mirror on the table and looked at his face.

After then, he stopped with his complaints and remained silent.

The make-up wasn't as bad as he thought.

"So? How about my make-up skills?" Carla asked, feeling confident as she watched Terence's reactions. Then she added, "Are you satisfied with it?" Carla took the brush once again, raised his jaw and looked at his face closely for a while. She then decided that the makeup looked perfect, so she put down the brush and used the setting spray so the makeup would stay on his handsome face.

Terence's eyebrows furrowed once again. 'It's too fragrant, ' he thought.

"Don't worry. When you change your clothes later, the scent won't be so strong," Carla comforted Terence while she looked at his face carefully.

She was making sure that others wouldn't recognize that the scars were fake. When she was finally sure that her work was indeed done, she confidently exclaimed, "Well done! Rainer, bring the clothes in!"

Hearing her order, Rainer immediately came in with a suit of clothes and placed it on the table. "Mr. Terence, you wore these clothes in NF City. When you came back, we kept them as souvenirs so they haven't been washed. could wear them again..." Rainer said with a little hesitation because he had never seen Terence wear dirty clothes.

Terence's face darkened again. He turned to Carla and said, "Carla, I don't think it's necessary for me to do these things. Even if my father thought I was lost and had just come back, I could tidy-up before seeing him. So I don't really think I need to wear these dirty clothes."

"Mr. Terence, we can't perceive this thing in that way. What you just said is indeed reasonable. But we should let your fath

as to ensure that Terence could enter the airport before his father Edmund arrived there to pick him up.

Rainer had prepared all the things that they would need in the car and the only thing missing was Terence.

But he couldn't dare to knock at the door and interrupt the couple inside.

About ten minutes later, he finally saw the door open.

Terence came out of the door in the stinky clothes that they had prepared. But it was obvious that he still wasn't used to the smell.

He frowned and said, "Let's go."

His attitude and tone were obviously more relaxed than earlier.

After Terence left, Carla stayed in the room by herself.

She also put on some makeup before heading out.

She prepared eye drops in her bag for fear that she wouldn't be able to act as intense and excited enough when seeing Terence at the airport. After all, she had been living with him in the last few days when he was supposed to be dead.

And then, she took a deep breath and tried to organize her thoughts and mood.

As Race informed her, Terence would "come back" today, so she also had to go to the airport and pick him up.

Of course, she should cry upon seeing Terence at the airport to be more realistic.

As soon as she was ready, Carla took a deep breath and finally head out.

Race had informed her of Terence's plane arrival time in advance. In reality, she should arrive at the airport early because she should act very eager to see him as his girlfriend.

But the fact was that she was more likely to be late because she had wasted too much time in the room with that same man that she was supposed to be picking up!

On the way to the airport, the traffic was clogged which almost made Carla a little mad.

After a while, she finally arrived at the airport.

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