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   Chapter 259 It's Time To End Everything

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Marcus took deep breaths to calm himself. 'It's okay. You talked to people who assured you no one would notice the poison in the bottle, ' Marcus reassured himself.

His mind continued to race, 'Grandpa's heart isn't what it used to be anyway and he could die anytime. So Grandpa's state is normal for his condition. But how did the doctor know there was something wrong with the infusion bottle?'

It's impossible!

Impossible, ' Marcus debated with himself. He couldn't figure out how the doctor knew there was a problem with the bottle.

"Doctor, what's wrong? What's going on? Did something happen? Please tell me,"

Edmund asked with his eyes on the doctor. His eyebrows were knotted in confusion while he was waiting for the doctor to give him answers.

"Mr. Edmund, it seems like somebody added a foreign substance in one of the infusion bottles. I suspect that's the reason why Mr. Nicholas' heart weakened significantly overnight. I checked Mr. Nicholas' condition last night and his was doing well. His heart may be weak but that's still not a reason for it to reach this condition now," the doctor explained.

Actually the doctor was baffled about what happened. He took his notepad to write and handed the paper to the nurse. "Get me these medicines immediately!" The nurse nodded and left the room in a run.

When he saw the doctor write on his notepad and the nurse scramble out of the room, the hairs on the back of Edmund's neck shot up. 'What is going on?'

He craned his neck to glare at Marcus. If the doctor wasn't in the room with them, he would have lashed out right then and there.

Marcus avoided Edmund's glare and kept his eyes on the floor. "Calm down, Father. It wasn't me. I was in the hall during the night. I didn't even enter Grandpa's room," Marcus lied. "If someone wanted to poison Grandpa, it wasn't me!" Marcus squealed at his father.

He cursed to himself, 'This was supposed to be foolproof. No one was supposed to find out. Damn!'

But a thought popped into his head and calmed him down.

'As long as the poison is in the old man's body, he will never wake up.

Then my plan still worked. And my goal also accomplished.

And even if the doctor found that there was poison in the bottle, they can't prove it was done by me. No one saw me add the poison anyway, '

Marcus reassured himself. He took a deep breath and put a smile on his face.

This was a military hospital. And the people who worked here worked for Nichol

ront of him. "I heard you wanted to eat some watermelon, Terence. So I brought some for you!"

Terence's face lit up when Carla entered the room. The sight of Carla always brightened any room.

"Carla, darling, I missed you,"

Terence said. He took Carla's hand and led her to him. He took the watermelon from Carla and scooped a piece of it. He lifted it to Carla's mouth.

"A sweet fruit for a sweet lady, thank you, Carla," Terence continued.

Terence fed Carla the fruit. Carla smiled but stopped Terence's hand before he could feed her again. She asked, "How's Grandpa? Marcus stayed with Grandpa by himself all night last night. Is Grandpa okay?"

She knew Nicholas wasn't unconscious. But she was still worried about him.

They all knew how vicious Marcus was. When Terence told her Marcus was staying the night with Nicholas, she couldn't help but worry.

"Grandpa is fine. Don't worry, Carla. I worry about him, too. I won't let him get in any danger," Terence reassured her. He shook off Carla's hand off his and fed her with the fruit again.

He had asked Carla to go just now because he had a surprise planned for her.

Carla continued to eat the watermelon and Terence continued to feed her. She turned to Terence with confusion in her eyes, "We can't let Grandpa just pretend to be unconscious this whole time, right? Won't he be uncomfortable?"

Terence smiled faintly. He wiped the watermelon juice that seeped from the corner of her mouth with his finger.

He said, "Don't worry, my darling. It'll be all over this afternoon."

This nightmare had gone on long enough.

It was time. It was time to end everything.

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