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   Chapter 258 Marcus' Ambition

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After lunch, Carla left Noah and went back home.

In the hospital, Edmund stayed beside his father until late that night.

"Father, it's already too late. You can go back home and take a bit of rest. I will stay here with grandfather, Okay?" Marcus saw that Edmund was not planning on leaving anytime soon so he suggested that he would stay with his grandfather to allow Edmund to rest at home.

"It's okay. I want to stay here with your grandfather." Edmund sighed deeply while looking at Nicholas who was still lying on the sickbed.

Marcus pulled up a chair and sat beside his father. "Father, I am not used to seeing my grandfather looking so vulnerable. I should have done my best to become more like the filial grandson that he deserved. Besides, you are also not that young anymore. Staying up late like this will do harm to your health," said Marcus while still trying to persuade Edmund to go back home.

Edmund felt a tinge of gratification at Marcus' words.

At least Marcus still had his conscience. He knew that he needed to give filial piety to his elders.

"Well, in that case, I am going back home to rest. You must take good care of your grandfather, okay? You can call me at any time if something happens," Edmund said while standing up from his chair and rubbing his waist.

Marcus quickly stood up and helped his father walk out of the room.

"Father, you have been troubled with pains because you've been sitting here whole time. You need a good rest. I will be here with grandfather. You can ease your mind because everything will be alright," Marcus promised.

Edmund walked to the door of the room and took one last look at his father. Then he said, "I will go back first. I will trust him in your care. There is not much time left for those at such an old age like your grandfather. Just do what you are supposed to do. Do not work yourself too much."

Edmund was then supported by his butler who was waiting outside the room. Then they walked away when he was finished his words.

While watching Edmund leave, Marcus' face slowly turned from a concerned grandson to that of a dark and gruesome person bit by bit.

Marcus thought that he must take advantage of this chance to get Nicholas out of his way. He already caused a lot of troubles for Marcus. Nicholas was the greatest threat to him. He was the one who was more likely to find some evidence about Terence's death in NF.

It was a lot easier to deal with his father and his men without his grandfather's interruption.

His father already knew about everything and was very much disappointed in him.

He could not wait any longer. This was the best chance for him

arrived at the hospital.

His face turned pale with fear when he saw Nicholas' condition.

"Marcus, what the hell is going on here? Your grandfather was fine when I went home yesterday. What happened to him?" asked Edmund using a stern tone. The doctor told him that the patient was quickly taking a turn for the worse.

"Father, I also have no idea of what is happening to Grandpa. The doctor checked on him last night and he told me that everything was fine. You can ask the doctor yourself if you do not trust me,"

Marcus answered him while trying to put the blame squarely on the doctor. He wanted to make himself look totally innocent.

The doctor examined Nicholas' conditions then felt his pulse. He finally turned to Edmund and said, "Mr. Edmund, there is something wrong with your father. I did a careful examination on him last night and everything was fine. He was not supposed to get this weak so fast."

"What do you mean, Dr. Zheng?"

asked Edmund puzzled.

Dr. Zheng examined Nicholas' heart beat with the help of his stethoscope then checked on his support tubes.

"Your father is suffering from a tachycardia. I am afraid that it was probably caused by an external factor," Dr. Zheng explained to Edmund.

"Nurse, could you please fetch me the patient's infusion bottle that you changed last night?"

Dr. Zheng said to one of the special nurses.

"Dr. Zheng, I am afraid that they were all thrown away just this morning..." said the nurse apologetically.

"Then go and get them back! There is not much people who change their infusions at night. Go and find them," Dr. Zheng shouted at the nurse while taking off Nicholas' infusion bottle.

Marcus stood at the side. His heart was pounding wildly and he was totally rigid with fright.

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