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   Chapter 257 Exposing Marcus’s Evil Plot

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Marcus was surprised to hear his father ask something like that so directly. His eyes involuntarily blinked rapidly but still, he didn't want to tell the truth. How could he?

"What did you say, Father? How could I do such a cruel thing?"

With a sullen look on his face, Marcus sat down on the sofa nearby. He then sighed and ranted, "This time, it was really an accident. How could I murder my own brother on purpose? I wouldn't do such inhumane things just for my own benefit!"

Although he tried his best to defend himself, he didn't dare to look at Edmund's eyes. It only made him more guilty in Edmund's perspective. Edmund was very disappointed and didn't want to press on the issue.

Even if Edmund didn't want to believe that Marcus had done cruel things to Terence, and even if Marcus refused to admit his crime, Edmund had to accept the fact.

The fact was that Terence personally made an investigation and found out that Marcus had secretly transferred all the minerals owned by the AJ Group to his own accounts. Marcus used only a small amount to cover the company's financial losses and kept the rest for himself.

Moreover, when the AJ Group undertook the local building project several months ago, Marcus's men pocketed a lot of money. It caused a sensation among the company's leaders so once again, Terence had to investigate it personally.

With Terence's findings as evidence, Edmund knew exactly what Marcus had done.

Edmund hoped that Marcus would be brave enough to confess his crimes, or at least tell him directly that he had been plotting against Terence. If Marcus could repent for what he had done, Edmund would be less furious.

But the reality of Marcus's impenitence just made Edmund more disappointed.

At that moment, Carla was taking care of Nicholas inside the ward. Hearing the conversation between Edmund and Marcus, she realized that Terence's goal of exposing Marcus's evil plot was finally achieved.

Terence's efforts of painstakingly investigating the "accident" finally paid off.

If someone told Edmund about Marcus's plot, Edmund would very much unlikely to believe them. But since he saw the evidence that Terence had been framed by Marcus, he realized that he had been deceived by Marcus.

As their father, Edmund didn't want to see the two brothers scheming against each other.

However, if it had already happened and had caused a huge taint to the reputation of the family, he had to deal with it head-on.

Carla, who was just lost in thought inadvertently turned around and saw that Nicholas had opened his eyes and was staring at the ceiling. She was amazed that he had awakened from his coma so quickly.

"Carla, come here..."



She found it embarrassing to answer Noah's question because she clearly knew that Terence was alive and that he survived the air crash.

Since that was the case, she didn't need to find a new boyfriend. She would certainly become Terence's wife.

Noah didn't press on the issue anymore. After the dishes were served, he put all of her favorite ones in front of her and ordered her favorite dessert.

Carla had dispelled all of her suspicions with Noah since he got injured because of her in HA City. So from then on, she didn't feel nervous or afraid whenever she was with him.

He was always considerate like her brother, which made her feel very comfortable.

"Carla, could you spare some time to go to HA City with me? I have a friend who wants to meet you," Noah said. This was his real purpose of asking her out today.

After thinking for a while, Carla nodded. She responded, "Okay, no problem. I think we can go there next week. You can choose the details of the trip."

Noah nodded in agreement while he said, "Our departure date is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday. If you find it inconvenient to fly out that day, please inform me in advance."

Allen's health was deteriorating day by day. If that wasn't the case, Noah wouldn't be so eager in asking Carla to see him in HA City.

Andrea had secretly sent her men to investigate Carla's identity. Although she didn't tell the truth to Noah, he knew that she would personally ask Carla to take a DNA test even if he didn't invite her to his house this time.

So, in order to earn Andrea's trust, Noah thought it would be better to ask Carla to meet her first.

Now, Carla's true identity was about to be discovered.

With this in mind, Noah decided to personally uncover the riddle and reveal it to his family.

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