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   Chapter 256 Didn't Cherish Him Until Too Late

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9813

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These men seemed to have disappeared overnight without a trace.

Marcus investigated but he found nothing. What was worse was he couldn't possibly look for them openly without attracting too much attention.

He kept on wondering who would dare to do this to him in JA City.

'Is it... Is it Grandpa?

Yes, it must be him! Grandpa is the only one who could do this to me!' Marcus concluded.

Last time, it was also Grandpa who sent his people to protect Carla. He must have done it again this time!

'Why does the old man always turn against me?

If it's just father, I would have already achieved my goals. It seems that as long as the old man is still alive, I could never do whatever needs to be done.

I would rather give this a shot than feel inferior to others for the rest of my life!

What if the old man suddenly die of a heart attack?

If that should happen, I would become unopposed by anyone!'

Marcus suddenly burst out laughing while thinking about the death of his grandfather.

'Ruthlessness is truly the mark of a great man!' he told himself.

It was already midnight when Carla and Terence got home.

While helping Terence remove his makeup, Carla said, "Look at yourself. Why didn't you just remain calm? I'm already an adult. Didn't you really think that I could protect myself for just a few more minutes?

Terence was sitting on the couch with one hand holding her waist. He stared at the woman who was cleaning his face and replied, "I trust you completely. However, I'm just afraid that other men will take advantage of you when I'm not around."

"Are you kidding me? The only man who would take advantage of me is you!" Carla said while giving him a stern look. What had happened today was really a challenge for her because they actually had sex inside the cinema...

She still couldn't believe it until now. The man was really bold enough to make it happen inside a public place!

While holding her wrist with one hand and her waist with the other hand, Terence smiled mischievously at her, "So my dearest Carla got embarrassed? It's just the beginning, honey. This won't be the last time that I would try to have sex with you whenever and wherever I can. You would get used to it eventually. What do you say about that?"

"Shame on you!"

Carla was speechless. Then she suddenly realized what a perverted man he was.

"You tell me. It would be such a pity we don't try anything new in our sex life during our whole lifetime, eh?" Terence flirted with Carla who was too shy to reply to him and kept on staring at her on purpose. Then he got up and walked towards the bathroom.

While rubbing her flushed face, Carla couldn't help but think about the possibility that Terence would just initiate sex everywhere and anytime.

She shook her head to banish those thoughts. 'It turns out that evil thoughts could spread like wildfire. Keep your head on, Carla!' she told hersel

, Edmund would think that Marcus was outstanding too so he would unconsciously ignore Terence's achievements.

Terence was the heir of the AJ Group ever since he was born so Edmund thought that Terence was the least of his children that he should worry about.

However, it was already too late for him to regret how bad he treated Terence. He didn't realize how important Terence was to him until he lost him.

Terence was very generous and always kind to his brothers, though they didn't share the same feeling. As their father, Edmund would always choose to turn a blind eye on Marcus and because of that, Marcus became what he was today.

"Father, did you know that I did what I did because of you and grandpa? You're the one who made me do it! I'm the eldest son of our family so I should be the one to inherit AJ Group. Why did you make Terence the heir?

You forced me to do those things! I had no choice. I needed to protect what should be mine."

Marcus gnashed his teeth in anger while turning away from his father.

He was unwilling to accept the truth. As the eldest brother, why should he follow Terence's orders?

The heir of the AJ Group was like the king in ancient times. If he could take the position, no one would threaten him or dare oppose him. It was because of that that Marcus decided to take action.

"You jerk, can't you understand anything? Are you blind or are you not right in the head?" Edmund suddenly slapped him..

Marcus covered his slapped cheek and lowered his head. Then he said mockingly, "Slap me anytime you like, father. If you beat me to death, you still have another son who can manage AJ Group well..."


Edmund was almost out of breath and he was also trembling with anger. He pointed to Marcus and said, "No wonder your grandpa ended up in the hospital because of you! You ungrateful bastard! Now tell me the truth, Did you... Did you kill Terence because he found out what you did?"

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