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   Chapter 254 A Daring Sex Encounter

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9748

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"He passed out. Let's just ignore him. He wouldn't know what we're doing,"

Terence said as he slowly licked Carla's ear. He became more and more impatient and started to get annoyed with Carla's clothes, so he began to pull them off one by one.

The intimate caress made Carla breath nervously. Feeling a little ashamed, Carla closed her eyes, throwing the coat beside her to cover Johnny's face.

Seeing what she did, Terence couldn't help but smile. After lifting the partition higher and then, he held Carla on his arms.

Expressing their love for the other, they pulled each other as close as they could. When he entered her, he tore her apart in a fiery flame of desire, almost melting her completely with it.

Who knew that the theater would bear witness to the intensity of their love?

After what seemed like forever, they were finally exhausted. The worry of being discovered faded a thousand moans ago. Terence then helped Carla put on her clothes and tidy her hair.

"I'll wait for you downstairs. Wait for a few moments before you get on the driver's car. I'll meet you across the road,"

Terence said as he got up and tried to rearrange the things around them. Before he left, he handed Carla a small bottle.

Then, a person who looked like a doctor came in and carefully gave Johnny an injection of some unknown liquid. It took a few seconds before Johnny jerked a little.

After that, the person left immediately.

And the couples who had disappeared from the theater magically appeared in their original places.

"...... What's wrong with me?" Johnny asked as soon as he regained consciousness. He immediately sensed that something was wrong but he just couldn't figure it out. Confused, he looked at Carla.

"Johnny, I swear to the heavens if you dare to flirt with me again, I will use more powerful pepper spray on you next time,"

Carla pressed on her words as she showed Johnny the small bottle on her hand.

Realizing what she had on her hand, Johnny couldn't help but laugh. He started to rub his dizzy head. No wonder he felt weird. It was just because Carla used the pepper spray on him. "It wasn't flirting. I was worried about you. I was afraid that you weren't feeling well," Johnny explained.

With a grunt, Carla stated, "Anyway, I thought you wanted to take advantage of me again." She then placed the bottle of pepper spray inside her bag.

When movie finished, Johnny and Carla left the theater in Carla's urging. When they reached downstairs, Johnny offered to take Carla home but Carla pointed to the car beside and told him, "Thank you, but no thank you. Grandpa Nicholas sent someone to pick me up."

Johnny didn't insist on it and he left when he saw Carla get on the car.

At first, Johnny doubted why he fell asleep at the theater.

But when what Carla had done to reject him so far flashed across his mind, it was not surprising that she

ough his actions, she would eventually see his heart.

It would be more practical than the promises that couldn't be realized.

Surprised to hear these words, Carla raised her eyebrows and lay down into Terence's arms again.

The really warm and safe hug relieved her.

The car continued to take the road while it was still raining outside.

The car suddenly stopped just as it turned around a corner.

At that time, there weren't many cars on the road, why would it suddenly stop?

Carla was suddenly attentive as she got up from Terence's arms and looked ahead, trying to figure out what happened.

But soon enough, she found out that their car was blocked by two cars in front of them.

They were alone without their bodyguards following them because Terence didn't want to attract unnecessary attention.

The driver sensed that the situation could get worse and turned to ask Terence, "Mr. Terence, what should I do?"

Terence looked at the two cars in front. And suddenly, two other cars drove near them from behind.

He didn't say anything but called someone immediately.

Then he tried to comfort Carla and the driver, "Don't get off. We just need to stall for a while. Our people will arrive in five minutes." Looking at the cars that got them surrounded, Terence couldn't help but frown.

'What do these people want?' he thought.

Worried about Terence, Carla whispered, "Could it be possible that they knew..."

She wondered, 'Did they already discover that Terence was alive and so, they wanted to kill him now?

But they couldn't have! After Terence came back, he was very cautious. He shouldn't have been found out. How could he have been discovered already?'

Carla looked at the front and saw a man wearing a headscarf which was a bit familiar.

For an instant, an idea flashed across her mind.

Almost certain about her idea she said, "I understand why they're here. It's me who they want."

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