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   Chapter 252 Three Men Watching Your Every Move

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10826

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As soon as Carla looked up, she saw someone that she hadn't seen in a long time. Before she could say anything, her arm was grabbed and she was pulled towards a secluded place.

Without saying anything, Carla found herself in a tight embrace.

"Carla, I thought I'd never see you again!" Noah's voice reverberated in her ears.

It was rare for Noah to be so emotional. Since the moment he saw her eating with Johnny just then, he had been suppressing his impulse to talk with her.

"Noah, I'm all right. Don't worry about me," Carla whispered. Carla knew that Noah was worried about her safety. After all, everyone who knew that she went to NF all thought that she would never come back alive.

Hearing Carla's words, Noah let go of her and finally looked at her thoroughly. He was instantly devastated to found out that the woman in front of him looked thinner than the last time he saw her.

"Since you're already back for quite some time, why haven't you contacted me? Do you know that I've been waiting for news from you?" Noah stated as he looked at her with a hint of blame.

Carla scratched her head and sighed, "Noah, I can't explain everything in just a few words."

Noah considered what she just said. He was in deep thought for a little while before he spoke again, "Well, Terence... Did you find him?" Although he already knew about Terence's "death" from Marcus, he still asked Carla.

Noah hadn't seen Carla show any sadness, so he began to wonder whether Terence was really dead.

Hearing Terence's name, Carla immediately looked down and wore a downcast expression on her face.

Although she trusted Noah, she couldn't tell him that Terence was still alive. After all, she didn't even tell Sean about it.

"Noah, I don't believe Terence is already dead. I know that he's just lost and that he will come back to me one day,"

Carla said with tears sprouting from her eyes. She had already become well versed in acting due to her consistent practice these days. Whenever she would hear Terence's name, her tears would instantly fall down.

Although in reality...

She had been kissed by the man named Terence just then.

Noah quickly told her, "Carla, don't be sad. You still have your younger brother, right? And also, I'm here for you. We'll be with you." Then, he lightly patted her on the shoulder and asked, "Do you still remember what I told you last time? While you were gone, I asked my friend about it. She said she wanted to meet you."

Noah couldn't wait any longer. Since Carla was already back, this thing was bound to go ahead as planned.

"Could you go to HA City with me whenever you're free?" Noah asked when Carla didn't say anything.

Hearing Noah's words, Carla remembered that he had told her that she was very similar to his friend's daughter.

"Okay," Carla said as she nodded. Since she had promised him before, she should keep her word.

Hearing her promise, Noah finally let her go back to her dinner.

As soon as Carla returned to her seat, she heard Johnny's impatient voice.

"Get out!" Johnny exclaimed without looking at her or even raising his head towards her direction.

Carla thought she was just a little tired so she heard an imaginary voice. How

e popcorn and drinks and then they waited in the lounge.

Suddenly, Carla's phone rang.

"My brother is calling. I'll just go out and answer it," Carla said. She placed the drink on the seat, got up and walked towards the front door.

"Hello..." she greeted.

"Where are you?" Terence's cold voice came ringing into Carla's ear.

Carla couldn't help but cough. She could clearly see Johnny's movement from the glass doors which was a great way to monitor if he could hear their conversation.

"I was forced to go to the top floor to see a movie. What about you? Are you already in the car?" She answered in a low voice.

Terence gave her a sneer, "You're really having fun, aren't you? You went to the boat in the afternoon, had dinner in the evening and now you're going to see a movie? Are you going home with him after the movie too?"

Listening to his jealousy, Carla couldn't help but laugh. She had only seen him become jealous a few times before. The one who got jealous was mostly her because there were always women around him compared to the men lingering around her.

"Mr. Terence, it's not a big deal. If you want, you could also come here and see the movie," Carla said as her sight inadvertently stopped at the window.

Through the refraction of the glass window, she found that Terence was calling her as he watched her from behind a pillar.

'He really followed us?' a bit surprised, Carla thought.

She immediately glanced at Johnny to see whether he found out that Terence was there.

Seeing that Johnny was playing with his phone and he didn't notice what was happening, Carla felt a little relieved.

She continued to ask Terence, "Why did you really come here?"

She was just making fun of him but she didn't expect that he would really come there. If he knew that the movie she was going to see with Johnny was an X-rated film, Carla could just imagine his reaction.

"I just thought your advice earlier sounded good. I don't want you to see a movie with another man alone. I've already bought the ticket. I'll come in and watch it with you later,"

Terence firmly stated as he watched Carla from afar.

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