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   Chapter 251 Working As A Waiter

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At the most popular French restaurant in JA City

Carla didn't expect that Johnny would take her to such a stylish restaurant. However, those who knew her well would say that what she actually liked was Chinese food.

Of course, she didn't mind tasting Western food occasionally.

The restaurant reminded her of the one where she and Terence had dinner last time. The setting of the two restaurants were similar except the second one was quieter and more elegant than the first one. The first restaurant was so grand.

"Mr. Johnny, your seats are up here. This way. Please follow me..." The receptionist led Johnny and Carla to the second floor. Johnny booked two seats in a corner near the window. While sitting there, they could see the boisterous crowd downstairs and they could also chat freely without being disturbed.

Carla followed the waiter and went up to the second floor.

Johnny ordered the most delicious dishes that he could find regardless of their prices. It included Pan-Fried Goose Liver, Baked French Snails and a lot more. After choosing the dishes from the menu, he turned to Carla.

"What else would you like to eat? Don't you want to get your revenge? You can order whatever you like and I won't complain even if I spend all my money," he said with a grin.

Carla just glanced at him indifferently. Then she took the menu from him and especially chose the delicate dishes that had the most expensive prices.

It would be served in small portions so she was sure that she could finish them all.

When the dishes were served, Carla began to eat at once without even saying a single word to Johnny.

Of course, she and Johnny didn't have much to talk about. The other guests in the restaurant were all chatting while eating and they were also sipping red wine from time to time.

She only took a swig of her red wine when she choked on one of her meal.

Johnny was a little embarrassed while looking at her. She was gobbling the dishes in such an unladylike manner. All the women that were sitting next to her were all elegant and quiet with little smiles on their faces.

Seeing her inelegant way of eating, the women that were sitting at the table next to her began to make fun of her and kept shooting sidelong glances at her.

Carla took another swig of her red wine and wolfed down the two desserts that was just served by their waiter. It seemed that she wasn't afraid of gaining weight at all.

Johnny turned to her and said seriously, "Could you please eat a little more slowly? Don't just gobble up everything in one go!"

Carla placed her wine glass down and grinned. "Am I embarrassing you, Mr. Johnny? As you already know, I'm just a vulgar woman from the countryside. If you think I'll embarrass you, please just don't ask me out next time."

Johnny was getting miffed and whispered, "Carla, are you doing it on purpose?

I've seen you having dinner with Terence before. You didn't eat so rudely like this. You're being unladylike tonight on purpose because you're having dinne

e-up was very good. It was almost impossible for other people to recognize him.

"Are you jealous? Let me see if I can smell something on your coat..." Carla said with a smile. She approached him and smelt smoke in his clothes. "Wait! I thought you just put on the uniform and walked around like you're working. Did you really have to serve dishes as a waiter?" she asked.

With puzzled eyes, she checked his uniform carefully. 'Did the clothes smell like that when he first put on them?' she thought.

She didn't expect to find a large pile of name cards and notes in the pockets of his apron.

There were also a lot of phone numbers with women's name on them.

"Ah, I see that you've got yourself a lot of fans. Why don't you ask one of them out after work and spend the night with her in a luxury hotel?" Carla said to him jokingly.

Terence snatched the notes from her hand and threw them into the garbage can. They were given to him by the guests that he served that night.

He pretended to be a waiter in that restaurant so that he wouldn't be recognized by other people. That meant he had to act like a waiter and served dishes.

"I'll give you half an hour. You have to come out after half an hour. I'll wait for you in my car outside the restaurant," Terence said to her with a frown. He tipped her chin up with his finger and kissed her wildly for a while. Then he reluctantly let go of her.

"By the way, Noah is also here. You have to be very careful," he said.

Terence looked carefully around and when he was satisfied that no one could see them, he asked Carla to go out of the storage room first.

When she came out, she took a deep breath of relief. Then she walked over back to her seat with aplomb.

However, she had only taken a few steps before someone grabbed her by the arm again.

'Damn it! Who is it?' She was very angry and she wanted to shout at the rude person behind her very much.

'It's strange that I've been grabbed by the arm twice today!' Carla thought to herself.

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