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   Chapter 250 The Restless Terence

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10167

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Johnny sent so many people to look for Carla but he still failed. He was wondering whether or not she could come back safely on her own.

Carla paused and turned slightly to look at the emerald lake then answered, "Grandpa Nicholas sent his men to find me."

She hid the fact that Terence was the one who found her to protect him.

Terence was Nicholas's favorite grandchild and Carla was Terence's girlfriend. It was only natural for Nicholas to protect her after Terence's death. The whole thing totally made sense to everyone.

Carla glanced at the river bank and saw two boats sailing after them.

Terence arranged some bodyguards and they were waiting on both the bank and the boats to protect her anytime if she needed them.

Johnny bought what Carla said, that Nicholas was the one who sent people to save her. It was no wonder that she came back that quickly.

However, he was a little unhappy that she was still close to the people in the An Family. He frowned and asked her, "Are you still constantly in touch with the An Family?"

"Yes. Grandpa Nicholas was hoping that Terence would marry me. He told me that I am like one of his grandchildren already. He promised me that he would always protect me. Grandpa Nicholas also said that even though Terence already passed away, he would still take care of me like I am his own grandchild."

She answered while she glanced at Johnny. Johnny then curled his lips and said, "I don't think it's the right thing to do. Terence isn't here anymore. You have no right to keep on being involved with that family. Unless you don't want to get married for the rest of your life just to show your loyalty to Terence.

Carla, I love you. Please be with me. I'll do everything to protect you for the rest of my life."

Johnny confessed his love to Carla. He moved closer to her and suddenly took her hand.

However, Carla immediately shook him off as if it was an insect that touched her hand. She refused him and said, "No way, Johnny. You think that after all the things that you've done to me that there would still be a chance that I would love you? You should just forget about it because it's never going to happen!"

Seeing that she hated him so much, Johnny got really upset. His lips trembled lightly while he defended himself, "I am not the one who killed Terence! I'm not the one that you should hate."

However, he only met a snort of suspicion and disdain from Carla. Johnny was lucky that the boat they were on didn't have oars. Otherwise, she would have smacked him with it using all her might to vent her anger.

"Johnny, do you know how to swim?"

Carla asked him suddenly.

Johnny was puzzled at her question but he still answered her honestly, "Yes, I can. Why do you ask?"

There was suddenly a sharp turn ahead and a wave caused the boat to veer to the side. The wave surged at them at about one meter high and dashed right at Carla. She reflexively raised her hands in front of her as a shield.

At that moment, Johnny grabbed her into his chest

ust to be safe." Then he kept walking away from them.

"Mr. Terence," Nathan called him again.

"Are you worried about Miss Carla? I'm sure that everything's alright. You should relax. Mr. Nicholas got Miss Carla a coach to teach her some self-defense skills and she had been practicing for a month. I believe that she is more than capable of protecting herself now."

"He is right, Mr. Terence. Even though Miss Carla is a tiny woman, she still decided to go into that jungle to save you on her own and that took courage and determination.

It was more than enough to show you how much she loves you. There is no way that she would fall in love with someone else. You have nothing to worry about." Rainer tried to persuade him as well.

When he heard what Rainer just said, Terence was touched again by Carla's love and devotion for him. That was the very reason why he wanted to go find her now. After all the things that she did for him, he couldn't possibly leave her alone like this. He loved her just as much as she loved him. He responded to them with an explanation, "I know. I know that Carla loves me very much. I am just afraid that Johnny would hurt her."

Almost everyone in JA City believed that he was dead now and it gave Johnny the courage to pester Carla and blatantly run after her. However, Carla was his woman. He would never let anybody take her away from him.

As long as he could, he would stop Johnny himself.

He couldn't just sit there and wait for her to return. It would drive him crazy.

"Mr. Terence, please be patient. There are already bodyguards that would help Miss Carla in case she got into any trouble and she could also protect herself. Johnny would never dare hurt her. It would be better for you to just stay here,"

Nathan said while still trying to stop him.

Rainer got inspired at that moment and decided to cut in their conversation, "Mr. Terence, I have an idea and it could help you see Miss Carla without being recognized. Would you like to hear about it?"

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