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   Chapter 249 Was Forced To Go On A Date

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8687

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Carla was constantly proving to Terence that he chose the right person to love through her actions. His love for her grew stronger and deeper every time she showed her true feelings to him.

"Terence, you can't die, please don't die on me…" Carla suddenly mumbled in her sleep. It was clear that she was having a nightmare. She rolled over to her other side and continued sleeping.

Ever since the day that she found out about Terence's disappearance, she had been suffering from nightmares almost every night. The situation still continued even after his return.

There were a few times when the nightmares didn't bother her because of exhaustion, but it would always come back to her.

Terence held her tightly in his arms. He was deep in thought. The path that they needed to take was long and hard.

However, he was determined to stick to his choice. He was prepared to go through it all with her by his side. He was confident that everything would be alright as long as they were together.

He would never let go of her in the future no matter what.

The next afternoon, Carla woke up from her long sleep. She glanced at the clock and immediately jumped off the bed. She rushed out of the door at once.

She was planning on spending the whole day with Sean. She promised him that they would play all day together.

When she arrived at the Seaview Villa, she saw that Sean was sitting in the yard with the servants. They were gathered around him with worried looks on their faces.

As soon as she appeared, Sophie came up to her and said, "There you are, Carla. Sean has been waiting for you in the yard the whole morning. He refuses to leave his chair until you arrive."

Carla walked up to Sean. She bent over and took his hand gently.

"Sean, I'm sorry," she said.

Sean shook her off. He crossed his arms and turned away from her while pouting angrily.

"Sean, I apologize for being late. I have good news for you! It's about Terence. Do you want to hear it?" Carla whispered to him while watching his face.

As expected, Sean's eyes lit up when he heard Terence's name. He immediately turned his attention to her. "Is he back? Is he alright? Can I see him soon?" he asked in surprise.

"No, sweetie. Not yet. However, somebody saw him recently. Grandpa Nicholas sent his men to find him. I'm sure that Terence would be back very soon," said Carla.

She held his shoulders lightly.

Her answer was obviously not convincing because the light in Sean's eyes went out gradually.

Carla sighed and said, "Come on, Sean. Please cheer up! If the news is correct, i

ied. A joy of victory blossomed in his heart.

The Otter Bay was part of JA City's beautiful scenery and it boasted a unique charm.

It was named the Otter Bay because of its sharp bends and turns. For many years, it served as a place for water amusement lovers who were seeking some thrill in their lives.

Carla wanted to take a boat ride alone with Sean, but Johnny jumped in first and sat down beside her.

Poor Sean had to share a boat ride with the staff.

Carla was soon attracted by the surrounding view. She decided that since she was already there, there was no reason for her to not enjoy it.

Feeling encouraged, Johnny asked her in a very pleased tone, "What would you like for dinner? Chinese, French, or Japanese cuisine?"

Carla pretended to not hear his question and looked down.

She couldn't be too nice to him. If she backed off a bit and became even a little bit nice to him, he would respond by taking advantage of her. She wanted nothing else at the moment but to escape from him.

"Okay, If you don't want to go today, maybe we could go there some other time," he added while rowing the boat.

Carla sighed. She was sick of being pestered by him every day. She couldn't handle the situation that he kept on shoving at her, "Johnny, don't waste your time on me anymore. To tell you the truth, I would never be your girlfriend. I'm sorry for saying those words to you in NF. I had no choice. I'm sorry that I used you."

"I know that," Johnny replied lightly.

Her confession didn't surprise him. He didn't care whether she was using him or not. "The only thing I want to know now is how you managed to come back from NF alone?"

His question startled Carla. It took her by surprise.

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