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   Chapter 247 Thank You, Carla

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The sadness on Carla's face was swept away immediately as soon as she got into the car.

Carla took Nicholas' arm with a big smile and said, "Wow, Grandpa. Your acting skill is excellent! Are you sure that you were a soldier and not an actor in the past?"

"Of course. Don't look down on me. I have experienced a lot during my years of doing business with other people as the man in charge of the AJ Group so acting is easy for me," Nicholas said while also smiling.

The car quickly drove away from the East Yard.

Terence arranged for Carla to not go back to their current residence. He wanted her to go to the Seaview Villa instead.

Everything went as they expected. Shortly after she said her goodbyes to Nicholas, Carla's car was blocked while she was on her way back to the Seaview Villa.

Carla got out of the car as soon as it was stopped.

As soon as she got out of the car, she was immediately surrounded by a dozen men.

Suddenly, another car stopped in front of Carla. Marcus got out of the car and walked immediately towards her.

"Is it true that you are my brother's girlfriend?"

Marcus gave Carla a thorough inspection. He did not dare say anything to her when they were at the An's Manor because he was afraid to say too much in front of Edmund and Nicholas.

"Marcus, what exactly do you mean by that? We just met at the manor a few minutes ago,"

Carla answered calmly while looking at Marcus.

Marcus circled around Carla. He suddenly stopped in front of her and grabbed her chin with one hand then said, "I didn't expect that my brother's type would be someone like this. Your are kind of pretty, though. However, with that bad temper and rude manner, I have to say Terence indeed has no taste for women.

My brother is already dead. Why are you still clinging to a dead person? Don't be foolish and just accept the fact that he will never return to you. Why don't you just become my woman instead? I can guarantee that I could give you a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of your life,"

Marcus said while boldly reaching out to pinch Carla's buttocks. Carla immediately avoided him then said with a cold smile, "Marcus, why are you here? Why did you follow me? Are you feeling guilty?

You should know that I am being protected by Grandpa Nicholas. Aren't you afraid of making him angry by being such a jerk to me?"

Marcus laughed. He raised his chin and said proudly, "I'm not afraid of the old man. Your boyfriend is already dead. I'm the only reasonable heir to the An's fortune. I'm not afraid of anyone!"

"Marcus, are you finally admitting that you have something to do with Terence

ever let him go easily."

Suddenly, Carla's phone rang and displayed an unknown phone number.

She hesitated for a while and contemplated whether she should answer it or not. Terence looked at her cell phone and asked, "It's from JA City. Why not just answer it?"

Carla decided to finally answer the phone. An unfamiliar voice came from the other side of the call.

"Hello? Who is that?"

It was a male voice.

Naturally, one couldn't immediately recognize another person's voice on the phone unless they frequently call each other.

Carla listened to the voice carefully and tried to figure out his identity.

Terence reached out and changed her phone setting into speaker mode. He was afraid that this strange phone call was from Marcus.

The voice on the other end of the phone continued.

"Are you free this afternoon? Can you come out to meet me today?" Carla still couldn't figure out whom the voice belonged to.

When he heard the unknown man's voice, Terence's handsome face suddenly turned dark.

Although Carla still didn't know who the owner of the voice was, it was clear that Terence recognized it.

It was impossible for him to reveal his situation yet but he still wanted to grab the phone and question Johnny as to why he was calling his woman!

"Who are you?!"

Carla still didn't know who the man was but it was clear that whoever it was, Terence was not happy to hear his voice.

"'This is Johnny. I'll wait for you at Otter Bay this afternoon. Please come and meet me there, okay?" Johnny sounded a little impatient while he was telling Carla his name.

When she heard Johnny's "self-introduction", Carla finally understood why Terence's face became dark. She looked at the man beside her with unwavering eyes.

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