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   Chapter 246 Two Excellent Actors

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Carla was amused to discover Nicholas pretend not to understand what she just said.

She hadn't expected that he would still be so good at it, even at his age now.

"Hey, Grandpa Nicholas, did you know this news came from NF? A lot of people are talking, giving their own opinions, and saying that Terence's death was not that simple. I didn't know what was true and I was getting nervous. So I decided to come here and ask Marcus what exactly happened,"

Carla explained and deliberately showed that she believed Marcus was connected to Terence's death.

"Marcus, was it really an accident? Why are people saying it's not as simple as an accident?" Nicholas turned to Marcus and asked him directly.

Edmund had heard the same thing but he didn't know what to say. He just turned to Marcus, a surprised look all over his face.

Panic spread all over Marcus' face for a second but his look changed to a calmer one immediately.

"Grandpa. Father. It's just a rumor. A lot of people die in plane crashes. What are the chances the lifesaving tools in planes are still whole? Besides, it all went by fast. And if the plane went down quickly, there'd be little time to remember to use those tools," Marcus explained.

He cleared his throat while he sneaked Carla a glare from the corner of his eye. He continued, "I know the plane crashed under my territory but that was pure coincidence. Terence purposely went to that place for a project, so, of course, the accident happened there."

Edmund was still puzzled, even though he thought Marcus' explanation sounded reasonable. Without knowing what to say, he simply nodded.

Nicholas stood up on his feet with his crutch holding him up. He snorted at Marcus, "If that's the case, then why didn't you tell us about Terence's accident until a month later? Why didn't you bother telling us that information before?"

"Uh, it, uh, I, uh - I was afraid you would blame me and punish me. You and Father. I have been praying every day that my brother was still alive. I've sent almost all of my men to look for him, day and night. I never expected that he-"

Marcus stopped when his voice broke. His face displayed a look of remorse for his family. He lifted his hands to slap the sides of his head.

Carla didn't believe a word Marcus just said. Her lips curled up into a sneer. She grabbed Marcus' arm to stop him and asked, "Marcus, what were you going to say? Are you saying you found Terence?"

Tears welled up in Carla's eyes and her sobs threatened to choke her. But she kept her eyes on Marcus and waited to hear something g

Carla just gave her. Curious to know what Terence wrote, Edmund joined his father to read the papers with him.

"Grandpa Nicholas, does it say where Terence might be? Could he still be alive?" Carla turned to Nicholas, hope filled her innocent eyes.

Nicholas read the papers and a melancholy look covered his face in the middle of reading it.

He handed the papers to Edmund when he finished. "You are right, Edmund, my son. Terence and Marcus are both your sons and we shouldn't favor one over the other. I'll ask my men to get ready for NF tomorrow. They'll join your men's investigation," Nicholas gave his final say to Edmund.

He held out his hand to Carla, who took it, and said, "Come, Carla, let's go together."

Carla felt relieved to have given the papers to Nicholas. She took his arm and led him out of the living room.

"Goodbye, Uncle Edmund. I'll come by again to see you another time,"

Carla told Edmund. She may not be in the mood to talk to him but she felt she still needed to give respect as her elder.

After bidding Edmund goodbye, Carla stole a glance at Marcus, who was staring at her gloomily with razor sharp eyes.

If she hadn't dropped by the An's Manor today, Terence's accident would probably still go uninvestigated and left for dead.

Marcus, after all, called the shots now. And most of the others believed what he said.

But since Carla arrived, things were going to be different. She had interfered with the investigation on Terence's death. And the papers she gave Nicholas clearly included evidence of Marcus' crime. It was impossible for Marcus to step away from the investigation now, and even more impossible to become, without question, the heir of the An Clan.

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