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   Chapter 245 Adventure To The An's Manor

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Carla felt the unusual silence as soon as she stepped into the East Yard.

Nicholas was there; though old, he still looked respectful and dignified. He was sitting with his back straight and his hands on his crutches. He had a calm expression on his face. Edmund was sitting on the chair beside Nicholas looking very serious.

Marcus was sitting on the other side of Nicholas.

Marcus looked desperate. He clenched his fist and cried out, "Father, Grandpa! It's all my fault! I know it! If I persuaded Terence not to go then this accident wouldn't have happened.

I am responsible for this project and the accident. I didn't know that my subordinates were smuggling the funds. It's all my fault! I will accept my punishment willingly! I'm his brother! I should've protected him! It's all my fault!"

Marcus banged his fist on the ground, angrily. His eyes were also full of sadness. Suddenly, he fell on his knees in front of Nicholas.

"Grandpa, it's all my fault! I failed you! I knew Terence was a little stubborn but I didn't expect that he would get into an accident inside my territory. It's all my fault. I'm willing to take the responsibility."

It seemed as if Marcus was really blaming himself for not protecting his younger brother. He pretended that he was taking all the blame to himself and said sadly, "Grandpa, if you refuse to forgive me, just hit me! I deserve as much. I will not say anything even if you decide to hit me until I die!"

Nicholas closed his eyes slowly because he was unwilling to look at Marcus who was kneeling on the ground in front of him. He had been deeply disappointed with this grandson.

Edmund felt bad because his son was kneeling on the ground so he said, "Marcus, stand up."

"It was not your fault. I also know Terence's temper. No one could change his mind once he decided on doing something."

When he heard Edmund's words, Marcus stood up. He looked at Nicholas who was still unwilling to look at him and said, "Grandpa, do you still think it was my fault?"

"Grandpa, I would not do anything to harm Terence! I made a fool of myself last time and committed such a terrible crime. I couldn't possibly make the same mistake again!"

"Terence and Rhys are my bothers. Father already taught me a lesson and I would never dare forget it. After the incident last time, I decided to help Terence to make our home prosperous instead! I would never do anything that stupid again!"

Edmund waved his words away and said, "It's alrigh

"And... Marcus!"

Carla's tearful eyes suddenly turned to Marcus.

Carla stood up and walked quickly in front of Marcus, "Why did Terence get into that accident? Wasn't he in your territory? How could you let that happen to your own brother?"

"I heard that the plane crashed but why did it happen for no reason at all?"

"Why is there no life-saving equipment on the plane? I heard that all the life-saving equipment that was retrieved from the river cannot be used. Why could none of them be used?! Why? Please give me a proper explanation!"

"Marcus, tell me, please. Tell me what happened to Terence!"

"Why did this accident happen? Was Terence set up by other people? Was he targeted?" Tell me the truth, please, I beg of you! Please!"

Carla shot all of her words at Marcus. Edmund was shocked at some of the questions that was asked by Carla, as he had never heard about them at all.

Carla's tears poured down when she was finished with her words. The pain of losing a beloved that was deeply rooted in her heart made her grieve so much.

She was not acting at all because she had experienced that pain before she found Terence. She was just resurfacing the feelings that was stored in her heart when she first heard of Terrence's "death".

Marcus was stunned when he heard Carla's words. He pushed her away from him in a hurry. There were panic in his eyes. "How could she possibly know that?" Marcus thought.

Nicholas finally spoke when he saw the panic in Marcus' eyes.

Nicholas pretended to be shocked at that discovery and looked at Carla.

"Carla, what did you just say? Are you saying that someone wanted Terence dead?"

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