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   Chapter 244 Only You Can Represent Me

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8259

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Terence was enjoying how Carla was looking after him. At the same time, his hand fumbled around Carla's waist. Carla looked at his satisfied face and gave him a kick on the leg to remind him to behave himself.

She took the bowl of soup and scooped out a spoonful of it. Then, she blew on it gently and after making sure that it was cool enough, she placed the spoon in front of his mouth, prompting him to eat.

"By the way, how was Sean doing when you saw him today?" Terence asked after he took the spoonful of soup. It occurred to him that Sean had been left alone for quite a long time. The last time he saw Sean was two months ago. He wanted to know whether he was doing all right.

"He was very sad when he heard about your death. I couldn't even bear to see him cry," Carla said as she sighed. She took a tissue and wiped the food from Terence's mouth.

Terence thought for a while before saying, "Carla, I think we'd better tell Sean the truth. He's a big boy now. I think he can keep this secret for us.

Or we can also let him move here and live with us."

Carla shook her head and replied, "I don't think so. Sean is only ten years old. He sometimes can't control his emotions very well since he's still growing up. He might say something out of impulse. So, we have to wait before everything is settled."

She didn't want to lie to Sean and hurt his feelings either. But she had to put Terence's safety above everything else.

"You are the boss. But I really do miss him. It has been two months. Maybe he already grew up a little bit," Terence hopefully stated. Terence finished eating and then he leaned on the sofa with one arm under his head.

Carla had the servants clean up the table. She noticed that the infusion was almost finished, so she pulled out the needle for him.

As soon as Terence's hand was set free, he jumped up and grabbed Carla by the waist.

"Terence, put me down, right now!" Carla screamed in shock. It had only been two days since he came back. He had wounds all over his body, and he was too weak to hold Carla.

"No! I'm not a cripple! I can still take up my woman!" Terence ignored her and brought her upstairs until they stopped in front of the bedroom. He kicked the door open and rushed inside. He placed her down on the bed gently and started kissing her not a second after.

"Terence! Stop it! The doctor said you have to rest well. He specifically told you not wear yourself out!" Carla exclaimed in a

st Yard.

I discussed with grandpa and we both agreed that someone from my side should attend the meeting. Since I'm 'dead' already, you're the most suitable person to represent me," Terence explained seriously.

Carla grabbed the file and skimmed through it.

It was written in a foreign language, so she didn't understand what it said.

"Carla, I will teach you what to say when you meet them. I will also teach you how to respond to my father and Marcus. You don't need to worry about it." Terence smiled at her confidently.

"Why does it have to be me?" Carla asked. She knew that this meeting must be very important.

Even though she couldn't read the foreign language in the file, she still recognized some characters, like diamond or minerals. Was it talking about his properties?

"Because you're the only person who can represent me," Terence answered. He smiled gently as he looked at her.

Carla didn't ask anything more. All she wanted to do was to give him her full support and help. Terence started to instruct her on what to do in the meeting.

One hour later, Carla arrived at the East Yard on time.

She got off the car and took one last look at herself before she entered the front door. She behaved as decent as she could be.

Terence had already told Nicholas about Carla's arrival beforehand. So Race was waiting for her when she got off the car.

"Miss Carla, welcome!" Race greeted her with a smile.

"Thanks, Race. Is Grandpa already here?" Carla asked as she followed him inside.

"Yes, Mr. Nicolas is here already. The meeting just began," Race stated as he ushered her into the living room.

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