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   Chapter 243 Promises Calling (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6675

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It was also the perfect place for Terence since he was injured. It allowed him a period of time to get better and had his matters handled undisturbed.

"Hey sweetheart, you're back!"

As soon as Carla walked inside, Terence immediately put his phone down and greeted her with a grin on his face. If it wasn't the drip he had attached on, he would've jumped on her and hug her dearly.

"Why the drip is still on? I thought it would probably end by now. Have you eaten yet?" Carla walked straight up to him after she changed into her indoor shoes.

Staring at Carla with a seductive smile, Terence replied, "It was put on just not long before so it might take some time."

Sniffing around her shoulder, the unused arm of his curled around Carla's waist as he spoke. Suddenly, he stopped his hand and frowned a little bit.

A moment of hesitation hit him in and he suddenly grabbed Carla's arm with another hand.

"Babe, did you go out to see another man? Without telling me?"

Carla went puzzled. She tried to not show her frustration but no effect. 'Was it really so obvious?' she thought.

"Hmm, it looks like I'm being a burden now. Who would want a man that is sick and staying at home all day doing nothing? Even my only love is going to leave me..."

Terence stressed on the "only love" part pretending to be hurt by the fact that Carla was seeing another man. Then he looked away from Carla and laid against the sofa, looking helpless and devastated.

"Hey! What are you even talking about? How could you blame me for something without knowing the details? It's not what it looks like,"

Carla explained nervously, thinking that she was caught. Yet she didn't know that Terence was just teasing her.

When Terence had his suspicion confirmed, his face suddenly darkened. He replied with a deep voice, "Oh, so you did meet some guy before you come back!"

The complicated look on Terence's face confused Carla. She wasn't sure if he was really mad at her or not, so she

d continued, "But you know what? Johnny has a great taste for women, choosing you exactly. Pumpkin, I am so glad that I made my way back to you. I don't know what would happen to you if I showed up a minute later. Those horny wolves might just eat you alive."

Smiling and whispered tenderly, Terence planted a soft kiss on Carla's silky smooth hair.

He knew that Carla's beauty might be attractive to those men out there. With Noah being the first and Johnny as the second, greedy and hostile, he would have lost himself if anything did happen to the one and only love of his.

"You better carve that into your brain just in case you forget it someday. Also, if you don't want other men's hands get to me, you better behave yourself and live until you're a thousand year's old!" Carla faked a serious voice and gave him a fierce look. Not waiting for his next move, she got up from his chest and asked the maid to bring the food over to the table.

When all the dishes were placed, Carla took a bowl of soup and walked back to Terence. Since there were still some time left for the drip to finish, she fed him patiently.

Lying comfortably on the sofa, Terence looked at the woman who was feeding him with his eyes full of love.

Joy consumed him and he could just die right now without any regret. Right in her arms.

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