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   Chapter 242 Promises Calling (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6820

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For Johnny, a second felt like a lifetime when he fixed his eyes on the fine woman standing right in front of him: gracious, deliberate, calm. She felt like a creature out of this world. She felt like an explosive experience for his senses, yet very calming and settling.

The desperation he felt when he sent the whole squad of people searching in detail for her was as vivid as before. 'A woman on her own wouldn't go as far, ' assumed Johnny that night. But she was like a phantom and he was wrong. He was so wrong, but only if he knew it! Not even a foot had been found. He ordered his people to keep searching the whole day. He forbade them to stop and yet, they were retrieved without success.

Johnny had lost his mind. He couldn't get this woman out of his head, and she might have been gone forever.

Even at this very moment, his team was still up and searching. He forced himself to continue the search although he was desperate. He had to see her, dead or alive.

Carla didn't seem to be impressed by his appearance so she went straight up to the car where the driver was waiting.

"Stop right there!" the man shouted, his voice a strong mixture of anger and excitement.

Johnny grabbed her hand strong and determined, preventing her from moving any step further. He pulled Carla right in front of him and confronted her, "Did you just walked pass me? You completely forgot what you have promised me, didn't you?"

Carla felt his hand. They were burning on her arm, clutching her into the trap of his eyes. She tried to twist her arm and escape him, but he wouldn't let her go. Staring right back at this man, Carla's eyes were nearly on fire.

"Johnny, You are never going to get away with it because you know that you're responsible for his death. Now, what do you want?! How dare you come to me when he's still warm? What do you expect? Huh?!"

Carla turned around in a last hope she could escape him, but Johnny stopped her again. He grabbed her hand fiercely and yelled with a pressed voice, "I couldn't care le

bout to walk away, he squeezed her arm once again and shouted out, "Okay! Fine! I get it now! Fine, Carla, I will always be here if you need me. I will give you all the time you need, no matter how long that is."

Carla didn't want to hear any word more coming out from his mouth. Though she didn't look back, she pretend to be indifferent and said to him, "Mr. Johnny, if you don't want people spreading gossips around telling the whole world that I am a flirtatious woman, who started seeing other people right after the death of her boyfriend, I do suggest you keep your hands to yourself."

"Alright, as you wish." Johnny let her go and watched her slowly approaching the car.

After taking a deep breath, Carla finally got in the car and relaxed her body completely on the backseat. The driver started the car.

Looking carefully all the way, Carla signed with relief when she found Johnny wasn't following them.

Even if he did follow her, it wouldn't be a big deal since the neighborhood she was in, was kept safe by the hidden guards placed by Terence.

Everything was planned thoroughly by Terence and with Violet being in the same area, Carla had for herself a perfect castle.

If someone found out where she was living, she could simply tell them that she came here to visit Violet. For a month or so wouldn't raise too much questions.

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