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   Chapter 240 Feelings Deepening (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7034

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"Well, why shouldn't I be allowed to do that?" Carla tilted her head a little and cheekily looked into his eyes, "We're not married yet, and it's not like we have any children as well. If I truly thought that you were dead, of course, I might go and find someone else. Do you mean to tell me that you would want me to preserve my chastity if something were to really have happened to you?"

Carla shot Terence a playful sideway glance, trying to play the devil's advocate. With an adorable pout, she took away her arm from his clutch.

She thought it would be best to get back at him a little for making her worry so that he wouldn't dare to leave her by herself ever again.

"Oh, is that so? That's how you feel?" A devilish grin suddenly crept onto Terence's face as he continued, "If you so much as get the nerve to cast me aside to be with some other guy, you'll be in so much trouble. Because I'll tell you what. I'll find you wherever you may go and take you back with me. I'm gonna have to keep you locked up until you finally give in and agree to be mine again."

Terence was well aware she was only teasing him. The feelings she had for him couldn't be any more true. Because otherwise, she never would've gone through such lengths and travelled thousands of miles from JA City to NF just to find him without so much as a clue where he might be. Her commitment to him and her steeled resolve to see him no matter what would be the best damn proof anyone could ever find of the everlasting bond the two of them shared.

Carla was extremely delighted when she heard him utter those words. "Well, isn't that amazing!" Carla remarked. "I never would've expected Mr. Terence to turn out as a man having no principles whatsoever."

Terence gradually relaxed his grip, leaned in closer and kissed her ever so tenderly on her lips. "Carla, I would never let it come to that. Over my dead body. You are my woman. I want you to belong to me and me alone forever and ever. No one will ever be able tear us apart no matter how hard they may try," whispered Terence.

'But if push came to shove and

just fine. Thank you very much, Race," Terence replied, nodding at him.

"I have a message from Mr. Nicholas which he wanted to give to Mr. Terence," race went on and added.

Right after hearing this, Carla instantly turned around and headed to the door in order to give them some privacy. But Terence abruptly grabbed her arm and stopped her in her tracks.

"Carla, there's really no need for you to leave. I don't have any secrets to keep from you. Race, please take a seat. Go ahead, you can tell us right now. Carla has the right to know everything. She's my girlfriend after all." Terence sat up straight on the bed with his legs crossed.

Carla simply bobbed her head along, taking a step back. Then, she requested the servants to pour a cup of tea and handed it over to Race personally.

"Oh, you didn't really have to do that. But thank you so much, Miss Carla." Race promptly stood up and grabbed the cup. It was quite surprising for him for he didn't quite expect for his boss's girlfriend, Carla, to be so polite to him at all.

"Mr. Terence, the thing that Mr. Nicholas ordered me to tell you was that... your supposed 'death' has managed to cause your father a lot of grief. However, he still finds it hard to believe that Mr. Marcus could really commit such an atrocious act such as murdering his own brother. He has already demanded Mr. Marcus to come home within the week.

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