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   Chapter 239 Terence Is Dead

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Terence leaned on the tatty wooden bed and replied, "As of now, no.

When I go back, I'll be sure to cover up my tracks. My number one goal right now is to recover. Second is to wait for Marcus' next action."

Carla blinked and tried to understand Terence's words. "I see. If Marcus believed that you are dead, he would surely do something. He would definitely return to JA City to ask your father for the executive power over the An family. You plan to unmask him then, right?"

Terence looked at her and smiled, "You guessed only half right.

I can almost predict how he will react. Marcus will shed crocodile tears over my death in front of my father. If he wants to take the executive power smoothly, he must cover up the truth about my 'death.'

Anyway, don't do anything and just wait."

Carla nodded and leaned on him.

She didn't care about anything else. She was just pleased that Terence was still alive and would be fine.

She would give him her full support no matter what he wanted to do or how he wanted to get his revenge.

At that exact moment, at Marcus' base area.

It was quite noisy and the place was bustling with activity even though it was already past midnight.

Marcus pinched his nose while looking at the body under the white cloth. He couldn't help but retreat. "No wonder I can't find him despite all of my efforts. Ha! It was already rotten at a ditch! It seemed as if a lot of animals had taken it for food. Poor Terence!

I say, why do you have to end up like that, Terence? You could have made peace with me. Why did you choose to become my enemy? You deserved this death!"

Marcus covered the body with the white cloth. When they found it, it was wearing Terence's clothes and inside a pocket was his cellphone.

The body was estimated to have died a long time ago. The corpse was already decomposed to the point that it couldn't be recognized.

Johnny also rushed over as soon as he heard the news.

"Marcus, are you sure it's Terence?" Johnny asked in disbelief. He couldn't believe that Terence was now dead.

"Who else can it be? It has the same height as Terence. The clothes and cellphone all belonged to Terence. It can't be anyone else!" Marcus said as he walked out of the room. He couldn't stand the stink anymore.

Johnny followed him out and said, "Marcus, I thi

lly. "Sorry, Carla. I overreacted. Come here and let me massage it for you!"

Carla smiled and kicked off her shoes. She rolled on top of him and said, "My hand is not hurt, but my heart is! Can you massage my heart for me?"

She said while leaning down to embrace Terence. She stared at him naughtily.

Terence glanced at her plump chest and grinned. "Carla, you are driving me crazy!"

"The doctor said that you are not allowed to do any exercise. You should rest. You need to follow the doctor's orders! Behave yourself for the next few months,"

Carla teased.

They could barely stay alive in the jungle for a month. They lived on anything they could find and took a rest whenever they stopped. They behaved extremely during the hard times.

"Is that so? Carla, you are underestimating me. I can still do things even if I went missing for five months! A month is nothing!" Terence smiled wickedly while grabbing her waist to pull her closer.

Carla poked him on the chest. "Don't brag! I almost died when you went missing for a month. If you were missing for five months, I would've given up!"

Terence held her chin and asked, "What do you mean? Are you saying that you'll give up on me?"

Carla looked away and sighed, "Because if you still didn't return after several months, I might've assume that you were already dead! I might have also married someone else then to ease my sadness!"

As soon as she finished talking, Terence gripped her waist tightly like he was going to snap it off.

"Don't you dare!"

Terence warned.

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