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   Chapter 238 Baby, Don't Cry!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 11019

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Just as Rainer was beginning to relish his exultant joy, Carla, who had been following closely behind Terence after the incident, had finally stepped out of the woodlands.

The sound of vehicles approaching suddenly came from in front of the forest.

Carla frantically buried her face onto Terence's back out of reflex, extremely anxious that those might be Marcus' henchmen.

Terence carefully inspected the tag of the cars. With Carla wrapped up in his clutch, he reassured her, "There's no need for you to be worried. It's actually my men riding those cars you just heard."

Blue was one of the locals. Meaning to say, his dark skin complexion couldn't really hide the light gleaming from his bright eyes. Without delay, he immediately ordered his men to move.

Carla saw a group of men who were wiping something with mats, carrying and transferring it over to the forest.

It should take them just a total of twenty minutes. Ten minutes spent for escaping the forest and five minutes to have the scene set up. At that moment, there were only five more minutes remaining for them to run away, so Terence immediately brought Carla over to one of the cars.

As they hurriedly fled the scene, Carla noticed that there was something which seemed like a little robot, cleaning up the tracks which they would've left otherwise. It looked quite astonishing, such a sight to see.

As anyone would've expected, they left the area as though they hadn't even been there in the first place.

Carla actually had no idea what was going on, but it was not like she even really had to ask about it anyway. Having so much faith in Terence, that was all that mattered.

Just a few moments after they left, Marcus' underlings had arrived. A helicopter could be seen hovering up in the sky scanning the area.

For a brief second there, the expression on Carla's face made it seem as if she had suddenly thought of something.

Terence wasn't in such a hurry to send her back home to safety. What he did was he brought her along to a secluded house which was set up high in the mountains and deep into the wilderness. This place was somewhat of a desolate area.

Inside a modest but peaceful dwelling, Carla clenched her jaw, anxiously watching as Rainer was taking care of Terence's wounds. Just from seeing the wounds he had all over his body, especially the fresh ones, Carla had a hard time wondering about all of the unthinkable hardships he could have been through during the past month.

"Rainer, I can handle everything else here. But please go outside and check the area!" Carla insisted.

Taking in a deep breath, a bitter smile crept onto her face as she walked over to Terence.

Rainer bobbed his head in agreement, setting everything down instantly, and headed out.

Her hands were visibly trembling while attempting to dab iodine onto the numerous cuts Terence had on his back.

Terence promptly held her hand in a tight grip and assured her, "Carla, there's no need for you to be so worried. This is nothing, really. Every one of us had a few small cuts."

Terence sat up and straightened his back. His skin got considerably darker and all of those wounds only helped ruin his beautiful body. With so much tenderness, he looked straight into her eyes.

At this point, Ca

to warm not just his shoulder but also his heart. It pained him so much to see her like that.

"Carla... Carla..."

He called out her name over and over again, holding her tighter and tighter.

The feelings he had for her had only gotten stronger, much, much stronger than it had ever been before!

"Ah..." Terence suddenly groaned feeling a bit of pain. Carla deliberately poked his wound, giving him a warning, "You have to swear that you won't put your life at risk ever again in the future and make me worry this much! You got that?"

"Yes, of course, my dear wife. You have my word. I promise that I won't be making the same mistake," Terence pulled her closer again and whispered straight into her ears.

Carla's crying eventually came to a halt. Wiping the tears on the corners of her eyes, she applied the solution onto his wounds. Rainer then came in and handed over the clean cloth for him to use.

"Do you think it would be safe to stay here?"

Carla nervously asked. In spite of the fact that she actually felt somewhat safe in his arms, she just couldn't help herself from worrying about his safety. The two of them were lying on the couch and gazing at the moon.

"We're gonna be safe here. Everything should've gone as we planned it. Marcus should have found my body by now and couldn't wait to throw a banquet," Terence scoffed. He proceeded to hold held tightly again and went on to say, "We should be much safer here than anywhere else for now."

"When are we going to get out of here then?" Carla asked. This was such a miserable place that she would never want to see again for the remainder of her life.

Terence moved a bit closer and gave her forehead a kiss, then he checked the surroundings. "The helicopter should arrive in about three to four hours to pick us up. That would be the best time to leave since the guards would already be much too tired from keeping watch the whole night at dawn."

The only thing she could say was, "Hmm," before sitting straight up. Glancing over to Terence, she tried asking one more time, "Could they possibly have the means to find out that you actually just played along to their plans and staged your death?"

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