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   Chapter 237 Brawling In The Forest (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8201

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'Is that it? Is this the end of everything? It can't be...' Carla thought hopelessly. He was going to cut her throat, she knew it. The thought made Carla panic and then she cried out, "Nooooo! Please don't!" "My God! Carla?!" the man exclaimed. To say that he seemed surprised was an understatement.

Hearing her name come out of his mouth, Carla was frozen. Now that they were so close, Carla could finally see the man a little clearer. The moonlight was dim but she managed to see the wooden fish hanging on his bracelet. Hot tears started to roll down from her cheeks. She was shivering all over and she reached her trembling fingertip to his hand as if she couldn't believe it.

Terence was dumbfounded. He knew that voice. It was Carla, his dear Carla and he almost killed her!

"Wooden fish, wooden fish..." Carla murmured hysterically. She thought that the situation got totally out of control. Carla sobbed and soon began to wail, grabbing the man with both of her hands. She was on the brink of collapse.

"Terence?" she then asked tearfully. Deep in her heart, she knew that this man was Terence. She finally found him.

Terence caressed her back to soothe her and to tell her to drop the dangerous dagger. "Carla? Is that you? Can I see your face?" he asked softly. His voice made her tremble again as she slowly raised her head.

After long days of anxiety and long sleepless nights, they finally saw each other again.

Her eyes were on him and his eyes were on her as wild joy and great sadness lay in their hearts.

Terence had been wondering about in the thick forest of this foreign land for a whole month. The only thing that kept him going was the hope that he would be able to see her again.

As for Carla, she had practiced martial arts round the clock for a whole month in the hopes that she could find him and rescue him.

So after all that they had been through, the world just faded and time stopped when they finally saw each other again. Suddenly, there were no trees, no noise, and no pains. There were no yesterdays and no tomorrows. At that moment, there were only him and her, and their love.

Terence's clothes were all tattered and dirty with mud, torn leaves, and branches. The camouflage make-up that he had on his face was smudged. To top it off, it was pitch-dark all around them. But Carla still recognized him immediately.

Terence stared at her eyes and took a deep breath. He was greatly astonish

t to become a burden and implicate the whole team.

Terence sighed, then in a second he raised his head as he let go of her arms. "Keep up!" That were the only words that he told her. He knew that no matter how much he commanded, she wouldn't give up.

Carla nodded at his words and they took off. Although Carla slightly lagged behind, the four of them kept on moving.

In the forest, the paths ran in every direction. The rough bark of tall beeches scuffed at their skin. "Jump!" Rainer shouted. But Carla's jump was too short so she landed in knee-deep mud.

It was a patch of marsh.

Carla tried to move her legs but she couldn't. She got stuck in a swamp and was gradually sinking into the mud. The brown dirt was a really bad place to be in, especially at that moment.

The three of them tried to pull her out but they failed. They only managed to take off a few inches of her feet from the mud.

"Mr. Terence!" Rainer shouted. "I saw some lamp signals! Blue has come with more men!" he added.

Everyone's face lit up. They made it! Blue and his crew were coming!

They endured all kinds of sufferings and now they finally lived through it all. Rainer looked at Terence whose eyes were bloodshot. Carla was still sinking, right then the mud was at her waist already. In a desperate situation like this, Blue was a true life-saver!

Terence clasped Carla's hand, he was ready to sink with her. He whispered into her ears, "We're saved, Carla. We're not going to die anymore. My angel, you found me. Blue found us. And now we're going home." With that hope in mind, they tried again and finally pulled Carla out!

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