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   Chapter 236 Brawling In The Forest (Part One)

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"Follow me, and stay down!"

Terence commanded, keeping his voice as low as he could when he noticed the flash of light. Silence fell over them.

For the past few days, they had been traveling under the cover of darkness without any source of light because they were afraid that it would expose them. Revealing their position was certainly suicidal.

Nathan had just checked everything. He guaranteed that there was no one else except them. So where the hell was the light coming from? They searched and listened with anxious breaths.

Terence made a gesture. Everyone began to scatter in all directions. Some of them hid in the huge trees while some hid in the thick-growing grass. After then, nothing could be heard except the sounds of the forest. Terence could hear his heart beating loudly in his ears.

All of a sudden, a person's silhouette was illuminated in the darkness by the light of a flashlight. Someone was approaching them!

At the other end of the path, Carla was holding a walking stick on her right hand to help her clear the way. And on her left hand, she diligently shone the electric torch on the thick bushes while she was trying to get through in the depths of the forest. She knew enough that there were traps everywhere.

Every now and then, she would check the detector that Grandpa Nicholas gave her before she left. The detector had a thermographic camera as well as a motion sensor which she had hoped would help her find the man she was looking for.

However, things did not go according to plan. Something was wrong with this bloody detector. She was in a hurry to search for Terence, but the detector didn't seem like it had the least bit of intention of working. The way it was malfunctioning almost drove Carla insane.

A few meters away, Nathan had already drawn out his dagger. Using guns in there was not an option because the gunshot would inevitably expose them to enemies. And if that happened, everything that they had done so far would be for nothing.

Nathan held the dagger tight. He was waiting for an opportunity to attack.

Carla raised her flashlight again to illuminate the path ahead. Walking all night had soaked her shirt, her face, her elbows, her enti

punched her on the chest. The blow was deadly and Carla was barely able to avoid it. Her whole body was suddenly in cold sweat. She didn't mean to kill him, but it was clear then that the mysterious man was trying to kill her.

Carla had no choice but to escape. She immediately bolted. Seconds later, she heard the man following her. She ran faster even if her face was scratched by the tangled twigs and her beret got caught on and tore. The moon shone brightly on Carla's long curled hair as soft winds brushed the treetops.

He was on the offensive while she was on the defensive. Though she had successfully avoided waves of his attacks, she was already deadbeat.

She knew that she must get rid of him as quickly as possible because she was no match for someone who seemingly was a martial arts master.

It was a life-and-death battle moments ago and right then, Carla was running for her life. Realizing that, Carla drew the hidden dagger out from her boot and swiftly stabbed him on the chest. Her eyes were ice and her heart was cold iron.

But the attack was unsuccessful. He had seen it coming so he dodged it hands down.

Since Carla slowed down her pace to stab him, he was able to catch up to her. He instantly took the chance and got the better of her. He grabbed her wrist and forced the dagger she was holding at her throat the next second. She was under his mercy then. But it seemed like he didn't plan to just control her, but to actually kill her.

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