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   Chapter 235 Went Into The Jungle Alone (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5567

Updated: 2019-07-22 20:49

Johnny had his thick eyebrows deeply knit as he sprung up and darted toward her to grab a hold of her arm. "Stop being so stupid! If you really insist on entering the jungle, I can send someone to accompany you first thing in the morning tomorrow. What do you say? Wouldn't that be better?"

Carla blew a fuse due to his repeated attempts to get on her way. This forced her to pull out the dagger she had on her side pocket and point its sharp edge right under his throat.

"Johnny, don't you dare try stop me!"

Carla yelled furiously, intensely glaring at him.

Upon seeing the dagger that was pointed on his neck, Johnny simply let out a faint chuckle. It appeared that she was so well-prepared and quite intent on doing this. "Okay then, you win. Go ahead and do whatever you want. If you die in that jungle, nobody's going to come to pick up your body."

That being said, he just fixed himself up and walked over to his car.

When she was done watching as he drove further away, Carla heaved a heavy sigh. With a torchlight at hand, she finally entered the forest.

After ten minutes, Johnny hurriedly drove his car around and went back. He stepped out frantically and dashed toward the place where he parted with Carla.

But she had already gone without a trace.

Johnny couldn't do anything but stand still, clenching his fists tightly and staring blankly ahead into the forest.

Carla, on the other hand, ran into the jungle as fast as her feet would allow her to. With a map in hand to guide her way, she managed to analyze her location quickly.

There was a high chance that Terence could've been hiding deep beneath that jungle. As Johnn

'Carla, please hold on a little longer. I swear I will be home soon...'

He never really had to say it out loud, because Rainer could tell that Terence had been missing her every single day that they had been in that jungle. After all, it had been such a long time since the last time he saw her.

To ensure that they wouldn't get caught, they decided to toss away their phones to cut off any means of communication with the outside world.

Carla must be scared out of her wits anxiously waiting in JA City. Who wouldn't be if they had been left without being told anything at all?

"Mr. Terence, it's time to move. I've surveyed the area. The coast is clear," Nathan informed him the second he returned.

Wiping his mouth, he quickly stood up and handed the water bottle back over to Rainer.

"We should go now. It would be best to get out of this place without further delay!"

Terence wanted to move quickly for he just couldn't bear the long wait anymore.

But just as they were about to move forward, they got startled when a beam of light suddenly peered through the dense dark forest.

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