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   Chapter 233 I Admit I Like You. (Part Two)

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But of course, Carla would never find out about his real intention.

"Thank you. I really appreciate that." A cunning smile slipped into her lips. "Now that you've confessed, what do you say we make a deal just between the two of us?" "If," she stopped in her tracks for a second before continuing, "Even after going through so much, I still end up empty-handed, unable to find Terence, and I were to come back safe and sound to JA City, then I'll wholeheartedly agree to becoming your girlfriend.

But before that, I would like for you to promise me that you'll take me to the location where Terence could have gone missing."

"Are you being serious right now? Are you sure about that?" Johnny's eyes dilated while they were glued to Carla.

"Yes. You can take my word for it." Carla bobbed her head along with so much certainty.

The idea wasn't really a spur of the moment type. Of his own volition, Johnny had just professed his love for her. The look he had on his face seemed so genuine, giving her a reason to think that they might just be able to work something out.

Johnny paused for a while and had his eyes glued to her face. After coming to his senses, he shook his head. "No, there's no way you can make me take you there. Do you think I can just go ahead and let you face those ferocious beasts, wretched ambushers and trappers, not to mention those gun-wielding hunters? I can't risk you getting killed in that god-forsaken place." Carla's proposal had truly been so enticing, but the risk was just much too great that he couldn't bear to take it.

Twirling her fingers right through her blonde hair, Carla suddenly beamed him a smile.

Resting one hand over his shoulder, she desperately tried to convince him. "Johnny, let me tell you something. Once I've made up my mind on being someone's girlfriend, I'll never turn my back on him and I'll remain


"Yes, he truly has," she answered truthfully.

The car's hydraulics bounced around as they drove along the mountainside's bumpy road. Johnny shot a warmhearted glance at the beautiful girl sitting beside him on the passenger seat.

"I'll treasure you dearly and take good care of you. I'll be sure to treat you much better than he ever did."

"No, you won't be capable of doing that," she casually blurted out. "Nobody else ever will be."

"Why do you think so?" Johnny pried, with his eyebrows heavily furrowed.

"For what reason should I have to tell you that?" Carla replied, shaking her head. The two of them, Carla and Terence, shared some pretty little secrets, a few things which she wouldn't want to share with anyone else.

Johnny abruptly stepped on the brakes. "Tell me right now, or else I'll turn the car around."

"What did you just say?" Carla was taken aback out of surprise, but mostly annoyance. Where did he get the nerve to threaten her like that?

'Okay then, ' she braced herself, 'Time is of the essence. I can't afford to lose any more time. I have to get there as soon as I possibly can.

If he insists that he wants to know, then it would be best for me to tell it straight to his face right now.'

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