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   Chapter 231 Encountering Marcus (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5985

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Even inside the room, there were still some guards who were carrying firearms.

This made it impossible for her to escape the room now. As she was slowly walking over to where the crowd had gathered, she tried to assess her options, looking for a way to get herself out of this precarious situation.

For as far as her eyes could see, it looked like they were actually inside a grand hall. There were two men wearing fatigues, both of them holding a girl in their arms. Johnny was also sitting not so far from the two. The blonde girl she had just seen with him was there as well, lounging beside him.

At the center of the sofa, there was Marcus, casually sitting right in front of her. She was able to recognize his face even after just a single glance.

He and Terence actually looked so much like each other. However, his eyes were showing no signs of kindness or compassion. There was only hostility and cruelty lying in them. He had his arms wrapped around two women, one in each arm. The instant he saw Carla walk in, his eyes suddenly lightened up.

"You... Come over here!"

Marcus ordered her to do so as he was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. After that, he set the girls free from his clutch and gestured for her to walk over closer to where he was.

Carla had become so horrified. 'Was he able to recognize who I am?' she couldn't stop herself from worrying.

No! That was quite impossible. She was completely certain that Marcus had never laid his eyes on her before. And assuming that he had checked her profile before, it would be close to impossible for him to so easily see through her disguise.

With that in mind, she grinned, much like a Cheshire cat, acting so excited as she moved closer to Marcus.

But then, before Carla could walk over to

ou'd be coming here. As it turns out, you were actually conspiring together with Marcus!

So, even you are a part of the scheme against Terence as well! Is that right?" she frankly questioned him.

Johnny's eyes instantly turned cold. He didn't utter a single word. The fact of the matter was he and Marcus were indeed partners. As for Terence, they had always been adversaries since forever.

But Carla had never truly been aware of that ever.

"Don't act so taken aback. I've always wanted Terence dead, something which is generally known to almost every single person who knows the two of us." Johnny didn't bother keeping it a secret from Carla. Terence had been running around, stealing their thunder even when they were still little kids. He had despised him throughout all of these years.

"You're serious about that, right? Then, that would mean we are enemies from this moment forward," Carla stated with a chill in her voice, and her gaze cut through, much like a sharp knife would.

"Johnny, would you mind telling me just what the hell the two of you lovebirds are doing there?"

Suddenly things took a turn for the worse, and Marcus walked over to check up on them.

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