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   Chapter 230 Encountering Marcus (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6436

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Carla went out with extreme caution, deciding that she shouldn't be riding until way up late. With that in mind, she stepped out as soon as she came upon a good hotel along the road which she could spend the night over. It wouldn't be wise for a girl to go out in the wee hours of the morning. First and foremost, she must ascertain her own well-being before moving forward, trying to find where Terence might be.

At the break of dawn, Carla set out on her way once more.

Generally speaking, it should be much safer roaming around in the morning than when it was dark out.

A few dozen kilometers wouldn't really be considered such a great distance. So, just within a couple of hours, she had already reached her destination, Marcus' territory.

However, as Nicholas had warned her, Marcus held the power in this whole place, so the security was significantly tighter, making it much harder to get into. On what would seem to be like a border of some sort was a checkpoint, and Marcus' property laid behind it.

If she had the intention to go further, there would be no other way to get past the area except through this check point.

Carla didn't want to risk forcing her way into it. What she planned to do instead was to wait until night fell.

All of a sudden, she saw someone she wasn't expecting to see there. A familiar face exited Marcus' seemingly impenetrable fortress.

It was Johnny!

What on earth could he be doing here?

Johnny's car came back a bit later that night. She made out the figure of an alluring foreign girl sitting right beside him as their car entered the black iron gate.

In case she unfortunately ended up getting caught, Carla decided to keep her backpack on a secret hiding place. But before that, she took out a couple of imperceptible items which she could use when the need arose.

She then patiently waited for an opportunity to sneak in.

She waited for quite some


"Hey, you! Where do you think you're going?"

Just as Carla was about to get to the next turn, someone spotted her and unexpectedly called out to her.

It wouldn't work if she simply pretended not to hear him, so she promptly turned back.

"Excuse me, could you please tell me where the toilet is?" Good thing Carla was quick on her feet and asked quickly, it was as though she had really been trying to find a restroom.

The guard warily checked her out from head to toe. Then, he motioned over to the room where the girls had walked into and told her, "You can use the toilets inside that room. Might you be a new girl? Is this your first time coming here?"

Carla bobbed her head trying to appear as calm as she could. And in the end, she couldn't help but play along and head over to the room as well.

Paying close attention to her, the guard didn't leave her side and kept watching her until she had gotten inside the room and carefully closed the door.

The second Carla walked into the room, she immediately heard a tumult of flirting and soft chuckling. This made her feel so awkward that she couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows, but she knew she shouldn't be doing it at any cost. So, she tried the best she could to make herself regain composure.

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