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   Chapter 229 Carla's Efforts

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Carla was finally allowed to go to NF.

The moment when she got on board the airplane, she felt thankful that Sean was her only family. She didn't need to convince a lot of people to let her risk her life to save Terence.

'Sean, I'm sorry!

I know it's irresponsible as your sister, but when you grow up, you'll understand.

When you are old enough, you'll meet someone that you would be willing to give your life to. When that day comes, you'll finally understand what I feel!' Carla thought.

The plane flew up to the sky until it disappeared above the clouds.

Noah was too late to stop her. When he got there, he saw that the plane was already rising to the sky.

"Todd, tell our men in NF that they are not allowed to hurt her if they see her," he commanded.

Todd glanced at Noah in surprise. However, he didn't say anything but nodded instead. "Yes. I'll send Miss Carla's picture to them right now."

At that exact moment, a group of people were hiding in the jungle beside OS River.

"It seems that Mr. Marcus hasn't given up yet. They are conducting another round of search!"

Rainer said to a man who was sitting on the riverbank. Even though they were hiding for a month, they still looked energetic.

The man Rainer was talking to was dressed in camouflage. He squinted his eyes to look at the blazing sun. When he placed a piece of fish in his mouth, a wooden-fish bracelet swayed with his movements.

The bracelet was dirty and ragged, but he was still treasuring it.

The man was Terence who had been missing for over a month.

He was no longer the elegant and noble Mr. Terence An. His skin got a tan because of the harsh sunlight but it only made him more charming and masculine. What was unchanged was his majestic demeanor.

"Of course he won't be giving up soon. He will never rest until he finds my dead body."

Terence threw the remaining fish into the ground. Rainer buried it under some dirt and dry leaves.

They were extremely cautious not to leave a trace.

"Mr. Terence, if we continue going north for the next two days, we'll be able to meet Blue and the others," Rainer said when he was finished burying the fish.

Marcus deployed more people recently, and they even searched more thoroughly than before. They needed to slow down to avoid the drones in the sky and the search team on the ground.

"Yes. Your estimates are right. I found out his Achilles' heel. Marcus will never relax unless he finds me. Fake a scene

pstairs, then she opened a window and sneaked out of the room.

She noticed that the room upstairs was not occupied. Thankfully, the window was not entirely closed so she was able to grasp it as an opportunity.

She opened the door and walked out casually. She disguised herself so as not to alert the guards. She tied her hair up and changed into a different set of clothes. She ever wore a pair of sunglasses. Then she took the elevator down the building.

Thanks to the sunglasses, the people didn't notice her gaze. She had never been abroad before so she was quite unaccustomed to see foreigners.

After leaving the hotel smoothly, Carla bought herself one of the ordinary dresses that the local women wore. After that, she went into a barber shop.

The barber shop was usually open until 9 p.m. so Carla was still able to get herself a haircut.

She asked the hairdresser to dye her hair into a soft gold with a perm at the end. Then she asked them for some dreadlocks. She looked entirely different from what she looked like when she first arrived. When she was finished, she wore her sunglasses again and left.

Anyone who knew her would hardly recognize her if they saw her now. She looked like one of the locals.

It wouldn't be easy for people to find her, and it only made it easier for her to focus on her plan. She went to a garage and bought a second-hand scooter at a very low price.

She needed to travel tens of kilometers away, and she couldn't possibly go there just by walking.

Carla tried the scooter, and it worked well for her. She followed the GPS instruction in her phone and headed straight to her destination.

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