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   Chapter 226 Ask For Help

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Theo was sound asleep when he was woken up by Carla's call. It was merely 8 in the morning. He asked, "Carla? Wait, why do you have my phone number?

So—are you feeling alone? But Terence has only been gone for a month! I'm telling you, even though I think you are a beautiful girl, I won't betray my friend and—"

Carla interrupted his nonsense chatter. She said anxiously, "Theo, I couldn't get in touch with Terence since yesterday! Can you help me contact him?"

Theo fell silent.

He was trying to digest what Carla just said.

"What? You couldn't get in touch with Terence? Did you had a fight? Then why did you call me?"

Theo asked. He just assumed that they had a fight and Terence might be mad at her so that he refused to answer her calls.

"No! Theo, Terence is in NF. How could we have a fight? He hasn't answer my calls since yesterday, also Rainer's calls. I haven't called Nathan, but I'm afraid the answer might be the same!"

Carla said in a panic voice, "I'm worried that—"

She stopped and took a look at Noah who stood patiently beside her. Then she went into the other room and whispered, "I'm worried that his brother might hurt him again—"

She didn't want Noah to hear it not because she wary of him, but because it was a family shame in its nature. How could two brothers hate each other?

It was until now that Theo realized how serious the situation might be. "Got it. Carla, relax. My father has some friends in NF. They might know something. I'll ask them for help.

I'll contact you as soon as I have any update.

But you have to take care of yourself first. Don't worry about this too much. You know how tough Terence is. He had been sent to the military for five years, and he had been trained professionally. Even if he is in a dangerous situation, he is capable of solving it. You need to trust him!"

Theo started to comfort Carla.

He and Terence had been best friends since they were little. He cared about Terence's safety for sure.

"That's great! Thank you, Theo!" Carla was relieved to say the least. Finally someone would be able to help locate Terence!

Otherwise, she would be desperate

ne has crashed already."

"That's all?"

Noah asked unsatisfactorily, his eyebrows frowned with disappointment.

Marcus smiled again. He replied pleasantly, "Of course not! All the safety equipment in the plane was replaced into useless things. Moreover, I hired a group of mercenary to search a few kilometers around the crash site. They didn't find anyone alive. I can guarantee you that Terence didn't stand a chance to survive this time!"

He would never let Terence alive!

As long as Terence was alive, it was impossible for him to have his victory.

Noah and he happened to have the same view regarding their own situation.

Both of them cared not a bit about brotherhood. If brotherhood really mattered, the executive power of the An family should be bestowed to him, the eldest son!

But now, people only knew Terence, the heir of the An family. Who knew him? What about him?

"Mr. Marcus, I hope what you said is true. Don't let him return back home anymore. Bye." Noah ended the phone furiously and threw it on the window. He took a drag on his cigarette and stared outside at the dark, rainy sky.

'Terence, you could have lived a happy life with my sister. But you spoiled the chance and chose the girl I want.

Then don't blame me for this!

Whoever messes up with me will have to pay the cost! No matter what!

I will get whatever I want.

Nobody can stop me from getting everything!' Noah thought.

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