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   Chapter 225 Losing Contact (Part Two)

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"What do you mean? What happened to Terence? Isn't he supposed to be in NF taking care of business at this time?"

Little did Carla know that Edmund and Terence actually rarely got in touch with each other—that was if they get in touch at all—due to the fact that the two of them weren't really that close. So it didn't come as a surprise that right now, he wasn't aware of Terence's situation.

"Uncle, I haven't been able to get a hold of Terence since yesterday in the afternoon. It's just that I'm getting so worried about him! He hasn't been answering any of my calls. I was afraid that something bad might've happened to him!"

Upon seeing the anxiety written all over her face, he brought out his phone and tried calling Terence himself. Of course, as Carla had was expecting, there wasn't anyone picking it up. So, Edmund proceeded to dial another number.

This time, it didn't take too long before someone finally answered.

"Marcus, do you have Terence there with you? Is he busy? What is he doing right now? Why isn't he answering his phone?" Apparently, Edmund was checking up on Terence through his eldest son Marcus.

Carla then heaved a heavy sigh, getting so worked up.

Knowing Edmund, Carla thought that he would simply trust his son's words without question. But was he aware of Terence and Marcus' stained relationship and that they had never really seen eye to eye?

Would Marcus really tell him what was really happening? Could they take his word for it?

"Father, there's no need for you to be so worried. Terence, along with his men went on a field visit for some of our upcoming projects. He's currently in a remote area right now, and that place is quite barren, so it might not have enough resources to provide electrical power. I have been through that area before myself, and it wasn't really that unusual for us to not have any contact with anyone for about three to five

enough explanation over the phone, so she just ultimately decided to head straight into his hotel to meet him face to face.

"Noah, could I please ask you for a favor? Can you help me find a way to get in touch with Theo Huo?"

Carla had been so upfront with him about her intentions.

Noah was taken aback. Truth be told, this was probably the first time he had ever heard this name. However, he didn't utter a single word, and still went ahead and browsed through his phonebook.

Of course, he was aware he didn't have Theo's phone number. But, as luck would have it, he knew of someone who did have it.

After about five minutes, he gave Carla a phone number she could call. Carla saved it and dialed at once.

If it turned out she had only been overthinking things, then that would be so great. But on the off chance that anything bad really happened to Terence, she was hoping to be of some assistance to him in any way she possibly could. Time was of the utmost importance at that moment if he had really gotten into trouble. Theo was one of Terence's trusted friends, and she thought he would be willing to lend him a hand.

"Hello, May I speak with Theo please? This is Carla..." she couldn't afford losing anymore time, so she called him up immediately.

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