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   Chapter 224 Losing Contact (Part One)

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As soon as Carla got back to Terence's Seaview Villa, she immediately headed upstairs and shut herself inside her room to inspect the ring. Be that as it might, no matter how she put it, in the end, she was not a professional. So, as one might've expected, she wasted quite some time trying to figure something out, only to end up empty-handed. All she noticed was how its color seemed somewhat identical to that of Nicholas' gem.

From out of the blue, she suddenly remembered something. Carla brought out her phone, went ahead and dialed Terence's number.

Terence mentioned something about how a wealthy man was the one who had given the ring to her father. If that was really the case, then who could that rich man be?

Terence probably knew something about the mysterious man.

Even though she really couldn't wait to ask him, Terence wasn't picking up his phone.

Carla tried to call him again, but she didn't get any answer.

It was quite possible that he was still busy with work, so Carla decided not to bother him. She had been looking into it for some time now, so it wouldn't hurt to wait some more.

But for some unexplainable reason, she just had an ominous feeling in her bones.

She just began feeling so anxious as soon as she hung up the phone.

One by one, a series of worrisome events cropped up without any sort of warning.

Carla decided to wait up until much, much later in the evening. Due to the different time zones, it should be noontime in NF city right about now. Carla was under the assumption that Terence should be having lunch around that time, so she tried calling him once more. She just couldn't simply go to sleep without first making sure that he was doing fine.

That being said, Terence still wasn't picking up his phone at all for some reason.

She only got the automated response saying again and again, "Sorry, the number you have dialled is powered off."

Without delay, Carla sat up from bed in

on, there was no way he could just turn a blind eye if Terence had gotten in danger, right?

With that in mind, Carla swung open the door again, entered the car, instructing the driver, "Could you bring me to the East Yard of An's Manor please?"

The second she got there, Carla sprung out of the vehicle and frantically ran toward the front door.

The attendant had been so utterly astonished to see her there. However, he didn't bother trying to stop her since he knew full well who she was. All he did was ask the other attendants to inform Edmund about her arrival straight away.

"Uncle Edmund! Uncle Edmund!" Carla called out to him as she hurriedly ran over to where he was.

"Would you please stop yelling and screaming?! You just never learn how to behave yourself, do you?" Edmund had his eyebrows deeply knit the second he saw Carla dashing into his house looking so tensed up.

Carla didn't have the time to be worrying about her actions. "Uncle, by any chance, have you... heard from Terence?" she was panting, making it quite obvious she was so out of breath.

It was the only thing that mattered to her in that moment. The only things she had being dying to know.

Since he had actually just woken up for only a couple of minutes, her weird inquiry made him feel so confused.

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