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   Chapter 223 The Truth Was About To Emerge

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Johnny was also invited by Marcus to go to NF days before.

Naturally, he wouldn't risk to go unless he would benefit from it greatly.

Carla went back to the Seaview Villa.

When Terence was away, she could never get used to being alone.

Even after a week, she still couldn't get used to it.

Although they talked on the phone everyday to make sure that he was okay, her heart was still worried and she still had nightmares every night.

She knew that she was overthinking and that there was nothing to worry about because Terence was not an ordinary person and he had bodyguards that would follow him all the time. Rainer and Nathan were also with him twenty-four seven.

Even with that, she still made sure to pay special attention to the news there every day. When news about crimes popped up, she couldn't help but think about Terence.

The more she cared, the more worried she got.

Carla was now fully experiencing it.

One day, Noah invited her to go out and to attend an opening ceremony of a new department store. He had a few free gift cards with him so he invited Carla to buy whatever she liked.

Carla agreed to go. She didn't really need to buy stuff but she wanted to keep her mind occupied with something else.

However, she ended up just thinking about Terence and Sean who were the two most important people in her life. She didn't want to lose any of them.


Noah greeted her as soon as he saw her get out of the car.

Carla said something to her bodyguard and walked over to Noah while smiling. "Noah! I thought you left already!"

"I did went back yesterday but I just came back to JA City last night," Noah explained while looking at Carla. "What's wrong? You don't look so good."

Carla just shook her head and said while lowering her eyes, "It's nothing. I don't know. I can't sleep properly recently."

"Really? Is it because Terence is away?" Noah asked while smiling gently.

Carla cleared her throat and looked at him, a little surprised. "Noah, how did you know?"

They kept on chatting with each other while walking inside.

"I'm also a businessman; that's why I know things. Besides, the Hua family has a good business relationship with the An family, so it's only natural that I know," Noah explained while they were walking into a newly-opened boutique shop.

While picking some clothes, Carla asked, "Noah, have you been there before?"

Noah answered while helping her. "Yes, I've been there for a month and I got robbed twice. Try this one. This is nice."


Carla shouted out loud. She was surprised to hear that from Noah. She thought that the comments online were onl


Carla was stunned after hearing that. She glanced at the gem and looked back at Nicholas.

"Grandpa, what did you say? The Hua family made a set of jewels with this?"

Carla asked.

She remembered that Andrea wore a necklace that was made out of the same gem when she met her in the hospital in HA City. Was it a coincidence?

"Yes, I remember it clearly. I've known the Hua family for many years. I can't be wrong," said Nicholas. He sensed that there was something bothering her because she looked a little uncomfortable. "Carla, what's wrong?" he asked.

Nicholas didn't know her true identity because Terence never mentioned it to him. He didn't know that talking about the Hua family would upset Carla.

"Oh, nothing, grandpa. I thought I saw it somewhere before. Maybe I was mistaken because I don't know anything about jewels. Ah, grandpa, it's late. You should get some rest. I'll leave now."

Carla looked at time and realized that it was getting late. The doctor asked Nicholas to take some good rest, so she shouldn't disturb him anymore.

"Alright, Carla, come and visit me again soon. You're always welcome here!" said Nicholas while smiling gently.

When Carla got out of the North Yard, she was really upset.

Noah once asked her the most peculiar question that had she ever wonder who she really was. Carla thought it was just a joke, until this very moment.

The ring that her father kept seemed to be related to the Hua family. What was the connection?

Maybe she was just overthinking.

But she had to find it out. She would get the ring and ask Nicholas to find a way to compare it with the necklace that Andrea wore. If they came from the same gem, then...

it would only mean that the ring must be related to the Hua family!

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