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   Chapter 222 He Was Gone!

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As soon as they stepped into the elevator, Terence held Carla against the wall and kissed her deeply.

The elevator soon arrived at the second floor.

Terence took a deep breath and pulled Carla out of the elevator. However, they didn't make it to the bedroom because Terence kept on kissing Carla on the corridor.

"Terence, let's go to the bedroom." Carla was nervous because she was afraid to run into someone while they were kissing. She was not used to kissing in public.

Even though the second floor was Terence's private space and no one could come up there except for the housemaids who would come to clean at a fixed time, Carla still felt uneasy.

"No one will come up here. Relax. Sean is at school and it would take him at least 40 minutes to come home from school. What are you worrying about?" Terence said hoarsely while gazing at her flushed face.

She looked so tempting at the moment just like some ripe fruit that was waiting to be eaten.


Before she could finish protesting, Terence stopped her with a kiss. He pressed the button beside the elevator that would stop it from functioning. No one could use the elevator now so no one could come up and interrupt them.

That was the first time that they had sex outside the bedroom.

Carla had no choice but to give in to him. She went into the bathroom as soon as it was over.

When she walked out of the bathroom, Terence already got changed and was waiting for her on the couch.

"What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?" Terence asked with a smile.

Carla sat down on the couch while drying her hair. She looked at him and replied, "Terence, I think that your performance is getting bad."

Although their first time was in a car, they had no other choice back then.

Upon hearing her words, Terence laughed and folded his arms behind his head. He leaned back and slightly narrowed his eyes at her while he explained, "I'm not getting bad. I am bad all the time. You just didn't know that."

Carla was busy wiping her hair with a towel but she threw it at him violently.

"Terence, what do you mean? Were you just pretending to be good to me?"

She sta

r stubbornness, Terence didn't insist and just said, "Then how about I leave you with two bodyguards that would protect you and Sean? Don't be annoyed with them and leave them when you go out. Alright?" He tried to persuade her because he was really worried that she would run into some problems while he was away.

He knew that she hated being protected by bodyguards so he made them protect her in a distance but now, he would prefer if they protect her closely since it would be much safer.

"Fine. I promise you." Carla accepted his suggestion.

When they finally finished preparing, Carla went to the airport with Terence.

She was so sad to part with him and when he saw that, Terence lifted the corners of his lips and slightly rubbed her nose to comfort her, "Don't cry. I'm not going to a war. I will be back as soon as possible.

Take care of yourself. Don't lose any weight before I come back. I like it when you are a little chubby."

After finishing his words, he lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead then added, "Wait for me."

Then he left without looking back.

Rainer and Nathan followed him to the entrance of the airport with their luggage.

Carla sighed silently and watched them leave for quite a while.

When they were out of her sight, she slowly turned around and walked away.

Nonetheless, at that exact moment, Johnny and several of his men were also heading to the entrance of the airport.

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