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   Chapter 221 Be Your Only Man

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As soon as they were done having lunch, they immediately left the An's Manor.

Instead of holding it at the company building, a meeting was arranged at some other business hotel of the AJ Group. It seemed as though there was some pressing matter which Terence had to take care of.

It was something of high priority. The driver didn't really have the time to bring Carla back to the villa, so Carla had no choice but to tag along and to come to the hotel too.

Terence headed straight upstairs to come to the meeting. Carla then had to be left to herself randomly wandering around in the lounge. Finding some interesting computer games, she stayed for a while in the fancy break-room and had fun playing a couple of video games.

But still, she felt as if time had been passing by much slower as she waited. She just couldn't help but shoot quick glances at the elevator and thinking, 'What's taking them too long? isn't it over yet?'

Shrugging it off, she just went ahead and resumed what she had been doing, 'Well, he's just doing his job. He's such a busy man.'

Carla shrugged again as she resigned herself to just be patient and keep on waiting.

A feeling of uselessness crept down Carla all of a sudden. The things she had learned wouldn't be of any help to Terence whatsoever.

He had himself surrounded by a group of talented people. While Carla, on the other hand, had neither a higher education nor a substantial amount of practical work knowledge. If she didn't really have anything to do with Terence, it was quite certain that she might not be able to step a foot into their building to receive an interview from his company.


A familiar voice helped Carla come to her senses. She turned around reflexively and found Evan standing there, someone whom she hadn't seen in quite a while.

"Evan?" Carla called out to him, feeling so astonished.

"I can't believe it! It really is you! I thought I might have just been seeing things!" Evan blurted out before approaching her. Taking a good look at Carla, he said with a big smile on his face, "It's been such a long time since the last time I saw you. I never would've imagined we would bump into each other at a place like this."

"You could say the same for me! You haven't changed at all!" Carla remarked.

Stepping out of the treadmill, she instantly wiped away the sweat off of her forehead and smiled back at him.

He seemed just as lively, not to mention just as handsome, as the last time Carla laid her eyes on him.

Back then, his gentle smile had the power of lighting her up and bringing warmth into her heart. But in contrast, she didn't feel a thing anymore right now.

Sometimes, distance can cause a person to feel some things that shouldn't have been there otherwise.

Meaning to say, getting closer wouldn't be a good move, because then it would cause those feelings to die down little by little

re of. I guess we'll see you around!"

Terence had no intention of staying there for too long whatsoever. Grabbing Carla by the hand, they headed out of the hotel without delay.

Terence saw no point of acting nice and wasting his precious time on Evan. The two of them could never be friends.

The moment Carla stepped foot into the car, she pondered about it for a while and wrapped her head around the idea that Evan and Terence were actually related.

A voice abruptly brought her back into reality, "Carla, I won't allow you to go around thinking about anyone other than me! You're only permitted to think about your own man!"

Carla couldn't find the strength to hold it in and burst out laughing. Staring at the man sitting next to her, she teased him, "My own man, you say? Are you sure about that? You sure you want to be my only man?"

Raising his eyebrows a tad bit, Terence instantaneously fixated his gaze on her and responded in an earnest tone, "Of course, I am a hundred percent sure about this. I want to be your one and only man."

Just as he was about to lean in and kiss her, she caught him off guard and beat him to it.

With her arms wrapped around Terence's neck, she pressed her lips on his so swiftly.

Rainer forced out a cough.

He wanted those two love birds to realize his existence and that they weren't alone in there.

Terence was so disappointed that his precious moment had gotten interrupted.

He picked up the drink on the side of the car and furiously threw it at Rainer. He said, "If you're not feeling well, go take some medicine. There's no need for you to get in my way."

Carla got a bit flushed red and hid her face right between her arms. Rainer accompanied Terence everywhere, so she got kind of used to it that she forgot his presence at times.

Heading back over to the Seaview Villa, Terence couldn't wait to bring Carla upstairs in his room and was so raring to go.

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