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   Chapter 220 I Want To Have Grandchildren Within A Year

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"I know we have invested $700 million on the project in NF, so you personally want to deal with the problem. But we all know that it'll be very dangerous. Therefore, I'm not gonna let you take that risk,"

Nicholas gave a sharp cough as he spoke.

Terence immediately stood up and helped him stroke his back. Then, he stated, "Grandpa, my decision to go there this time is not just because of the money. I got news that Marcus wants to separate from the family. He secretly transferred 80% of our estate in NF to his name."

He watched his grandfather's reactions for a little while. When Terence saw that he was still stable, he continued, "What's more, he even hired a group of mercenaries and he has already set up a state-of-the-art security system. If we continue to ignore it..."

That was what triggered the old man. He interrupted Terence and spoke, "Terence, what are you saying? I can't believe Marcus would do such a thing. How dare he?

He has already violated the rules of our family if he actually did that. And he will be expelled from the family!"

The reason why the An family could be as majestic and prominent the way they were today was because of their strict family rules.

It was strictly forbidden to set up his or her own business. Because this kind of behavior would definitely weaken the strength of the family as a whole.

If every child of the An family dispersed the family business, then the AJ Group would have already fallen apart.

And if that happened, the An family wouldn't have buildt their empire the way it was today.

"However, since Marcus has made up his mind to do it like that, it will be extremely dangerous for you to meet him. Besides, you know that he won't show you mercy," Nicholas warned as he continued to cough. He was really worried for Terence.

Marcus's intentions were crystal clear. He wanted to take Terence's place.

For Terence however, Marcus was his brother. He tolerated everything that he had done because he cared about him. That was why he almost got killed by Marcus's men the last time he was in BH City.

"But if I don't go there, then who else can we send as a representative of AJ Group? Can we ask the workers who have been here since the day AJ Group was launched to face the dangerous Marcus? Or my father? Or even Rhys?" Terence asked softly.

This time, he was sure that he had to handle it himself, even though he knew that if it really came down to it, he might fight against his elder brother. If he was meant to be in that bloody fight, then he would just face it bravely.

'If Marcus really wants to kill me, I won't hesitate to do everything that I have to do to save my own life. Even if that includes killing him. That would have been what

t giving her a chance."

With a smile, Terence turned to him and spoke, "Take it easy. I promise that I will get married within a year. I'm heading downstairs now."

Edmund slammed his hand down on the table and shouted at Terence's back, "Terence, don't try to twist my words."

However, Terence didn't pay any attention to him.

'Does he really think that I'm that easy to fool? Although I'm not that young anymore, just taking a closer look at Carla, I can already tell that she isn't pregnant at all, ' Edmund thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Carla was patiently waiting downstairs.

Of course, she didn't start eating before Terence and his father came to the dining hall. After all, Edmund was Terence's father. She must respect him and wait for him.

No matter how hungry she was at that time.

Finally, she saw Terence come down the stairs, but she didn't see his father.

"Don't wait anymore. My father has already eaten. Let's start our meal now," Terence said to Carla as he took his seat.

"Really?" Carla questioned, glancing at the stairs.

Terence grabbed his chopsticks and placed some food in her bowl. He said, "Just eat lunch for now. I remembered that you mentioned how hungry you are on our way here, right?"

"That's right," Carla said as she smiled at him. Then, she took a deep breath. She could sense that

Terence's father didn't like her before.

And now it seemed like he still hadn't changed his mind.

In fact, it was Carla's first official visit to Terence's family to pay her respect. But she didn't expect that Terence's father wouldn't even show his face.

However, she could easily tell that Terence didn't actually care about his father's opinions.

Because she knew that in his heart, Grandpa Nicholas' approval was much more important than that of his father's.

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