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   Chapter 219 Visiting Nicholas (Part Three)

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"Grandpa, your eyesight is not what it used to, right?" Terence pointed at the corner of the painting, "There, read the name of the artist over there." Nicholas knocked on Terence's forehead, "You little bastard. How dare you talk back! Race, go and get my eyeglasses.""Yes Mr. Nicholas." Race turned around and chuckled.

Nicholas put on the glasses and began to examine the oil painting carefully. He didn't go straight for the signature because he didn't want Terence to sense his eagerness. But after he saw the sign of the name, Nicholas gasped again, "Carla? You painted this? It's incredible! I can't believe it!"

Carla was shy. She smiled and nodded in response. Nicholas almost stood up and hugged her.

"Terence, listen up. Our family is lucky to have Carla. You have to cherish her. She is too good for you. Carla is a rare treasure." Nicholas was serious in attitude this time. He had to admit that deep in his heart, he did look down a little upon a common girl like Carla before. He himself preferred fierce and powerful woman, the kind that was like himself. "Thank you, Grandpa Nicholas," said Carla gently. Her voice was soft. Nicholas waved his hand, "Child, I have to apologize to you. You deserve more respect. Grandpa was wrong with everything about you." Nicholas began to cough. It was obvious that he was still pretty weak. Race tried to give him some medication but he refused. Race stepped aside again.

He was happy and satisfied. He wanted no medicine to spoil the good mood. Throughout the years, he was worried about his favorite grandson, Terence. Now that Terence finally found a good girl and was going to settle down with her, he have nothing to worry about anymore. He would have many great grandchildren in the household and he was looking forward to that day.

Hot tears was rolling down Nicholas' cheeks. His chest began to rise and fall.

"Grandpa, easy!" Terence was panicked. "You just promised Carla that you would take good ca

he arm, "Listen up. Something went wrong in NF. Terence, you have to listen to me this time. I know everything." Terence listened quietly. Nicholas continued, "You can't go there yourself. I am demanding you. It is not safe anymore." Nicholas had a fierce look while saying those words. His eyes became sharp.

Terence just smiled and didn't say a word. He knew it was not safe anymore. But If not him, then who?

Nicholas sighed again, "Terry, you..." "Grandpa!" Terence interrupted, "What did Carla say before? You should take good care of your health. Can you please stop worrying about all these things? I am a grown-up man now. I know what I am doing."

Nicholas shook his head in disapproval, "I know you have grown up. And you are an outstanding business man. But this time you have to listen to me."

The atmosphere soon became solemn. "I know you don't want me to worry about these things. But you have to follow my orders this time. You CANNOT go."

"Your eldest brother took great pains with business in NF. There is nothing he does not know. Do you understand what it means? It means that what happened there was not a careless mistake. It was planned for sure. He must know." Nicholas paused and took a deep breath. "And I suspect that your brother is behind all these." Nicholas dropped the bombshell.

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